What Is An Argument? (1 of 2)

all right so now we’re going to look at what is an argument this die right here second page in your packet what is an argument so we already put up our topic for the day right side had me do not have a dress code it’s slightly different than popular base with roughly exactly right not have a dress code at SCI Academy what kind of arguments that people put down for that what do people get a chance to write down arguments what are their reasons that we should to agree with that statement oh this stick who agrees with this topic yes no yeah all right so if two people agree so I assume you guys disagree yeah so we should have a dress code right okay what’s the reason we should have a dress code we shouldn’t have Dressel because it it takes away your individualism and it takes away how to do it how you express yourself and how you present yourself to people and how you perceived okay so it’s individuality crystal what’s the reason we should have just oh because it’s easier to get dressed in the morning easier to get dressed in the morning I like that one which one of these is right anybody no there’s not all right exactly we don’t know we don’t know which one’s right why do we think that this would be true what would be the reasons that we would think it’s true some people go that way but what so if if we were talking to mr. Markovitz and trying to explain to him why we thought we shouldn’t have a dress code that’s high academy do you think we just would say well individuality and he would say okay cool no more does it exactly the why the why is the key question that is what changes something from just being a statement to being an argument and so we think a statement is true first of all because it corresponds with our experience when we hear a statement that we say oh well individuality is really important or maybe that’s why we think the easier is a better argument right we say well I hate getting up in morning and having to think about what am I gonna wear in addition to just getting ready to go to school hey let’s go with the easier so suddenly that corresponds with our experience we say it’s hard to get up in the morning let’s go with that way or maybe it’s because an expert supports it so maybe Ricky’s an expert and he says individuality is really really important if high school scholars aren’t able to express their individuality maybe they end up you know doing crazy things like they jump off of big buildings or maybe they become you know Atlanta Falcons fans really bad things like that right so the second reason is because an expert might support what it says or might say you know this is a good reason and so we trust people who are experts people who have advanced degrees of our if a math teacher says here’s how to do this math problem put in a belief then or somebody else in your class you’re gonna go through the math teacher to the experts a third reason we might do it is someone we trust says it so maybe it’s not someone who’s an expert so you know but a lot of times our parents aren’t necessarily experts I mean but my mom doesn’t have a degree in how to get stains out of clothes but when I get a really bad stain in my clothes I probably call my mom or I talk to my wife those are the two people who I’m mineral ions not because they some went to school and got a special degree of how to get stains out of clothes but because then I trust them and I think they probably know what to do so these are good reasons that we think of statement will be triggered so what does this tell us about an argument it tells us that we need to make sure that our arguments are backed up and they aren’t just one word set one word or one little sentence so then we need to know what the pieces of a complete argument so let’s talk about what they are the pieces of a complete argument are threefold first we need to say that each argument makes a statement of possible truth each argument makes a statement of possible truth what is this thing this but every time someone says something in a debate round it’s possible that what they’re saying is the correct answer or maybe the most accurate answer in the round right so maybe we’ll have a statement of possible truth in the debate round that’s one reason that we have a complete argument in addition that statement is supported so the statement that we need to provide individuality for scholars at SCI Academy or that we need to make it easier for people to get up in the morning those are statements of possible truth and then the support in the morning might be we know that nine out of ten SCI Academy scholars are rushed in the morning well it’s nine out of ten SIA canapés scholars are rushed in the morning then that gives us a pretty good support to the time being an important factor but what if the fact is that nine out of ten SCI Academy scholars are feel creatively stifled they don’t feel creative well maybe suddenly their individuality is the more important thing and then finally each argument is going to explain why it is important why is it important so each argument does three things what are those things show why it’s important exactly give us stats given snacks Thanks so these are the three things that we have every argument every single argument has to do these three things so we don’t just say we like individuality we say we like individuality because lots of sighing hammy scholars don’t feel like they’re being able to be creative and this is important because creativity makes people better able to succeed in college right it’s just saying that 99 Tensei Academy scholars feel like they’re not creative maybe we think creativity is a bad thing so we need to have why is creativity important so these are the three piece that we need to have in every argument that we put together now these pieces have special names of debate the statement of truth is called the quaint the claim this is what I’m saying I claim this this is some sort of truth so I claim that it’s easier to get dressed in the morning is the reason that we should have a dress code second the support is called the warrant and this isn’t for your arrest the warrant this is the support for the statement you’re trying to say you see this warrant this explains the justification this talks about the evidence that I’m providing you that nine out of ten scholars at the Sian katha me don’t get up in time to get ready for school and make it to the bus on time and the importance why it matters is called the impact the impact so every argument has the three pieces with special names in Renata what are those special names the claim exactly to claim a warrant and the impact so the key anytime you’re making an argument is you want all three of these pieces if I just have the claim and the impact what’s the problem Ricky no one no one and what why would that be bad and should be locked in there exactly it could be out of thin air so that’s why we want what would be the problem if I just had a claim and a warrant crystal exactly we don’t know why it matters so it’s it’s the same as you saying that mom I want to go to this movie because all my friends are going your mom probably doesn’t care about what all your friends are doing but maybe if it’s because all my friends are going and this is something that our teacher wants us to do for a class well thought suddenly now your mom says oh well your grades matter to me so that gives her a reason so you’ve got all three pieces so all three pieces are really or we want to make sure we have long so how did we support an argument so we have a warrant but what do we actually use to provide a warrant because obviously we can’t just make up a statistic close that remedy snaps snaps for evidence that’s forever exactly evidence so we use evidence evidence evidence is how we support an argument this is really important because we can’t just make up the statistics even though in a few minutes when we do our fun debate that’s what we’re going to do but for normal debate rounds you can’t just say well I agree and said this or you know Cox says this if they they actually say it’s got to be something the person actually says you don’t want to put words in President Obama’s mouth you’ve gotta use what’s actually that’s it