How To Become A More Effective Academic Writer: The “Then What” Trick -How To Be A Better Researcher

hello this is dr. de Mass like talking about reciprocity calm the sharing economy proofreading platform that I am trying to build and in this particular video I’m going to talk about how to become a more effective writer how to become a more effective academic writer is really what I’m focused on so I’m a professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship at a large state institution in Florida and what I’m gonna get into this video is definitely geared towards those that are sort of senior undergraduate level to a graduate student and then finally those that are currently a PhD and either doing their research in their particular area and this is just kind of insights that I have learned along the way and how to actually become a better academic writer and what do I mean by and more effective academic writer the more effective is both being able to write a substantial amount as well as rewrite creatively those are two important components to the dimension of becoming a better academic writer I’m not perfect by any means I haven’t you know learned this and you know I wish I could publish more as we all do I definitely wish I could do that but there is this component here where there is both the degree of how much you write and how creative you write those are two important things and it’s something that we do talk about or I do talk about or research it’s you know creativity for example so there’s two components that you should think about there is the bulwark to become an actor better and more effective academic writer there is the bulwark component this is 80% of the problem right so this is just sitting down getting a lot of research out like doing a lot of substantial amount of writing this could be you know going through and doing literature reviews thinking about reading things synthesizing at putting in tables all of that kind of stuff that is definitely that’s the bulwark that’s really hard to do because it’s hard to keep your motivation up throughout that process is really it’s just really tedious and the reason why I call it bulwark is because it’s hard sore laborious work and that is a really component of any academic work right so if you are a senior undergraduate student you’re thinking about writing a thesis for example you will find that the thesis your soar master or your your undergraduate thesis it’s gonna be a lot of work because you have to read all this literature and sort of put it all together that is just bull work the other component is the creativity component this is where there is some sort of novelty associated with what you’re actually writing this is the 20% this is the hard thing but it’s often and what gets you from basically like a B plus to an A plus or going from you know getting a lot of articles and but getting a lot of articles in a journal those that is the key component here to think about is that getting into the next level this is where your reader is going to think that they are reading along they’re like I know this I know this I know this and then all of a sudden they’re like wow that’s a cool idea I never thought of that in that moment that’s where you sort of bring the reader on board you know like they get really excited so when I read a great paper I get really excited and then I want to invest more in it and I’m like this is you needed great so here’s the trick this is what you have to think about you have to ask the question and then what so the and then what you look at what everybody else has done and this is what the literature says and then you find this gap in the literature and then you have to think and then what that what is the implication of this being there so it was a great example of this in the economics literature from years and years and years ago Ronald Coase was talking about this or came up with there’s this paper that you know a lot of people were thinking about how markets were really cool because markets allow you to you know bring a buyer and seller together and those buyer and sellers can get things done and they could purchase things and you could both get a lot of benefit from buying and selling stuff but he thought he was like well if that’s the case of everybody saying how amazing mark sar well how come we have firms why do firms one of organizations exist it’s kind of an honored situation right so then he started thinking well if that was the case why do they exist well there’s gotta be a B and C factors you know some of things dealing with you know it’s tricky to get things done sometimes some goods don’t trade very well in the marketplace and it might trade more effectively in a firm compared to a market place and that’s really what the implications was he was thinking very much in the lines of and then what so that’s where you come up with a really cool interesting insight that people are excited about and that will get you into the next sort of stage right so if you’re thinking about congestion and or larger cities and congestion you might want to not just think about larger cities leads to congestion you might want to think about what are the implications of this congestion right so and then what what’s the implications maybe it is people are more stressed out maybe they have more anxiety issues because they’re sitting in their car and getting you know on a July and our interests and stuff like that so then that’s what you have to think well maybe have more bad back problems so then you can start thinking about we can correlate the size of cities to people that have more back problems because they’re sitting in cars more than in smaller cities so you might want to look at that that might be a really interesting insight to look at right so that is where you can do sort of clever things and those clever things are the things that get you and get the reader on board and get them excited about what you’re doing work on so that is all I wanted to say that is that sort of key components becoming a better academic writer or a more effective academic writer I think is you know the boat work component of it it’s 80% that’s definitely a lot of work but then thinking about the question and then what what is the secret and then what so there’s all the stuff that people have said this what is the implication of that where does that break down what is the problem here and then what that is the key thing to think about all the way through and that’s where the clever insight comes from where there’s a lot of novelty that comes in you could look at some of my old videos I do talk about you know what’s interesting how do you sort of figure out what’s interesting what’s clever and stuff like that so you could look at some older videos on how I actually talked about this and discuss these different um these different issues if you like this particular video if you think it’s cool do the old thumbs up you can also do that as well that is totally fine don’t mind I’m appreciate everything that you do and your following if you’re following along and you subscribe you’re so cool and in in general I’m gonna keep putting out more videos like this a day definitely like helping you all out if there’s any videos that you’d like me to put out you can just make a comment in the comments below but thank you so much have a good day take care and I’m really looking forward to seeing you in the next video bye