expository essay examples 2016

hell-lo learning birds we are going to learn about expository essays in this lesson today an expository essay we’re going to talk about what it is what is needed in an expository essay and where we can find some more information about that because this is a very brief lesson where I’m going to give out some resources at the end an expository essay is an essay that presents information about a topic it requires the writer to have knowledge about that topic or do research about the topic in some cases and it requires good organization also another point about expository essays is that because they are presenting information it should be pretty fairly neutral um and we’ll talk about some some ways to help make sure that that happens later on but some things that expository writing can include it could include describing something listing order of events comparing two or more things and contrasting them perhaps and explaining cause and effect and then describing a problem and a solution so many of these will and can happen inside of an expository essay one very common use of an expository essay is on question essay questions on tests they oftentimes ask for expository things here are two example questions what are the through what are three important factors that led to the American Revolutionary War that would be you know a writing prompt where you would have to write an essay in a response maybe history class and the second one describe life on a farm uses many specific details as you can so there’s a second example so both of these during a test setting again they’re not asking you to take a stand and argue a point or or make a specific you know argument at all they are asking you to state details and information about a certain topic so this is of all the essay types I feel that this one is the most objective and just presenting information trying to be accurate trying to be precise in your wording the parts of an essay we talked about importance of organization pretty much this will be the same in most essays if you set it up like this you’re going to be in good shape so here is the basics of an essay first off you’ll have your introduction usually in your introduction paragraph you’ll have some kind of an attention-getter something that’s exciting and interesting then you’ll state your thesis statement your thesis statement is the point what’s the point of this essay usually within your thesis you have what’s called a three pronged thesis where you will try and make three points and then each of the following paragraphs in the body of the essay will actually go over those points and and you’ll go over those three points paragraph by paragraph by paragraph in the body and then you’ll make a conclusion where you re address the thesis at the end and state what your conclusion is based on all the information that you’ve presented inside of this s so some no it notes that are specific to expository essays is that because it’s perfect presenting information the tone should be formal especially if you’re writing it on a test or it’s being graded in some kind of way you want to have a formal tone you want to avoid slang the elephant is really fat the cat can make makes me laugh lol those are examples of things that you don’t want to say on in an expository essay you imagine handing something like that into your teacher holy cow avoid using I statements I think England sounds like a nice place to visit instead try saying something like England is a great place to visit you are writing the essay so we already know that it’s from your point of view so if you use I statements it’s redundant and it takes away from the formal tone of the essay so those are just two two points that teachers like to look out for when they are grading expository essay so be careful and watch out for those if you do research for a paper now on a test obviously if you’re given the test question that day you can’t do research but if you do research for an expository paper make sure that you have a reference page it’ll list the resources that you use again mainly this would be for a paper that your teacher gave you in advance gave you time to think about research and go back and we’ll talk more specifically about research papers but if you’re using a source make sure to cite that source if you’re writing an essay for class or for a test or situation with no preparation obviously you wouldn’t need a reference page a lot of expository writing you don’t a reference page you don’t do any research you basically don’t need to have expository essay example so the prompt states that Alexander Smith said the great man is man who does a thing for the first time do you agree with this definition of greatness why or why not the introduction this introduction is really well-written because it pumps up the reader or gets the reader involved in the essay it’s very interesting she starts off by saying just as there are many definitions of greatness there are also many different I mean many definitions of success there are also many definitions of greatness and so she’s starting off the essay by directly tackling the prompt and kind of hinting towards her opinion over this quote when she talks about how he is right but she also has an opinion about it and she doesn’t think that the quote is broad enough to is bar enough to just talk about everyone who’s great and then she has her thesis statement that says in my opinion greatness greatness can also be attained by doing something to improve the lives of others so this is what her essay will be about what she’s going to talk about so the writer first transitions into her first body paragraph by saying mother Teresa is the first person to come to mind under this broadened definition notice the work she’s brought in in her introduction she also used the word broad in saying how the quote wasn’t specific enough to tackle all the people that were great so she tie this is her tying her first body paragraph with her introduction so this is a very good transition if we look at the next paragraph it says another great person who also won the Nobel Peace Prize was out dr. Albert Schweitzer a german doctor who like mother teresa also selfishly served the poor and sick so if we look at at the beginning it says that mother teresa also received a Nobel Peace Prize and in the second one she says another great person who also want a Nobel Peace Prize so this is her tying in her second body paragraph with her first she also talks about how Albert dr. Albert Switzer is like Mother Teresa so that’s her tying that in and then the last one which is about Harriet Tubman is tied in with the second body paragraph by saying how she risked her life over and over again and she how she helped people and and at the last sentence if you see the lasting tint on the second paragraph it says about doctor I love Albert Switzer here that he was not the first to offer care and comfort for the sake in suffering so this is referring to Harriet Tubman which just connects all the paragraphs together the conclusion basically ties everything together to make the SAT well connected so again she addresses her three people which were mother treats a Albert Switzer Switzer and Harriet Tubman and she addresses the prompt again which which talks about greatness and how it how is used to help others and then she gives her example so this is a very good conclusion because it’s highs basically the whole essay together has a great transition and the essay was overall good because it had a pump it up introduction it had great transition it was well-organized and the conclusion brought everything together the conclusion is tying the whole essay together and it talks about it restates the prompt first of all or hints towards it by saying that there are many examples of greatness upon which to model our lives and it refers back to an introduction when she said that the problem wasn’t broad enough and that there are many examples many people who are different who are great at what they do and how they help people and then she refers back to her body paragraphs by addressing mother treats mother theresa albert wit sir Harriet Tubman and how they tirelessly helped others and how they were great at it and how they achieved success by not doing something for the first time all right this is the mla citation where I got this essay and took in the notes and the prompt style was from so here you go thank you for watching