Being a Criminal Justice Major: Online Classes + Homework

hi friends oh my god well today is it’s Thursday it’s the 12th um so my new school schedule half off every Thursday but I decided to wake up and start my day at 10:45 so I had a bagel hasn’t coffee had some water and I’ve honestly just been doing homework this whole time and I feel like I’ve been really like ahead of the game like I’m still not because I just procrastinate everything but I’ve been really ahead of the game lately cuz I’ve had a lot of free time as opposed to like my summer and previous semesters so parents like Phil you guys and I guess I’m like what my homework typically is and like I don’t know what I’ve been doing basically like to do my homework what I’ve been doing the last hour is I should the test I’m taking to online classes right now to in-person classes right now both my online classes are accelerated so one of them is only five weeks long one there’s only eight weeks long um and everything’s do basically like every Saturday or Sunday so one of the class I’m taking online is gangs and organized crime so I actually just did the test bag and though it’s not due until like Sunday so with that that exam covered like the first and second week so there was like two readings that we did the code of the streets reading if you’re a criminal justice major you’ve probably read that and then the thrasher reading about gangs again you probably know about that if your criminal justice major so we did those and then there’s like powerpoints and there’s audio files and then you have to read two chapters of the book so I think you read chapter 1 and chapter 2 for each week so I just did that and then um we have to do two discussion posts so one each week but we don’t have to respond to anybody so that’s really cool so I did that earlier this week and then I took the exam so the exam for my online class if you’re curious about any of this consisted of like 22 is 22 questions so 19 of them were true/false or multiple choice and then the other three were a short answer it seems pretty easy I just like if you basically do what you’re like supposed to be doing then like you know and then the book for that class is it this one I love this like right over it but it’s called organized crime Howard a Babinski I don’t know pretty isn’t both easy to read that’s than the other class I’m taking is a philosophy class we’re basically learning about like with moral problems and just like about abortion we’re just reading a bunch of articles and with different opinions and writing discussion posts about abortion so with that class every week we have to do like all the readings and the powerpoints we have to post to discussion posts and then we have to respond to two people and there’s usually two separate questions so I just like respond to one person and like each question or whatever those posts have to be so the last class those posts have to be like 250 to 500 words and then in this class takes seven sentences which really like if you go to school and doing online classes it’s really not that hard to be honest so yeah um so yeah that’s basically just what I’ve been doing today I literally just woke up as you can tell but I just want to kind of film and like let you guys know what my classes are like the other two classes that I’m taking in person right now are the economics of discrimination which I’m kind of like iffy about I feel like I’m not really like gonna do that well and if it will see cuz it’s about like statistics I’m like I’m gonna like economics and like so there’s that and I’m taking victimology so that’s not eternal justice class so actually I will be taking in total three criminal justice classes and I actually kind of like the two that I’m taking so far through victimology I have to do an assignment as well we read chapters every week and he wants us to like write basically like a response paper to the chapter that’s typically pretty easy he wants it in essay form but like when you do that it’s like they just know that you read it basically so yeah I feel like if you’re interested in taking online classes that’s kind of just like a rundown so Friday the initial is due Saturday the responses are due and then Sunday the exam or quiz is also due and like that’s pretty much it and then for the games class I think everything is due on Saturday by 11:59 p.m. you know so that’s just like if you want take online classes that’s kind of like what that’s all about and like eight weeks is kind of like not a lot because you’re trying to fit 15 weeks of content into eight weeks but I mean so far so good the professor’s seem pretty chill at online classes from what I understand but I’ve had some like sticklers before so I don’t know so there’s that and then with my other class like the victimology class in person it’s really it’s a lecture and he honestly just taught us like a lot of cool stories which is awesome and then when is the like will have to do and we have to pick four chapters like right response papers on and then I think we have like three exams so he tries to split it up as evenly as possible and then in my econ class I don’t honestly think there are any exams I think it’s just like there’s a lot of like participation quizzes think on your feet and then like you write a final paper and you also have to write a final paper probably for like online classes I have to write final papers too at the end of everything basically it’s just like exhibit that you know what’s going on and exhibit your knowledge about the class um so yeah is but it was probably super boring if you’re not in college or not a criminal justice major and has nothing to do with you but I don’t my dear oldest people like to ask me questions about the classes that I’m taking the online classes so just to reiterate I’m going to tell you guys the exact names classes that I enrolled in it does another thing I changed my classes like three times before I finally settled on one that’s why I have really liked making a video because I like I just don’t even know what I’m gonna do yet but now I finally know so it’s Johnny haha so currently it’s philosophy 243 moral problems that was only one credit because it only last five weeks you can 248 that’s the economics and discrimination I think the the goal of that class is to focus on like the fact that not all financial situations are based fully on choice which I’m really kind of excited I’m nervous because I’m not really good with like statistics and numbers and math and I haven’t taken a math class and really a long time but I think will be something really interesting so like we’re gonna see and then victimology 380 the scientific study of victims how people become victimized like the I feel like kind of like the characteristics of victims and just like theories as to why people become victims you know basically games an organized crime it is as it states so the gangs and organized crime and the moral problems are the two that I’m online and then I have another accelerator Camila doses class that starts it’ll start at October like towards the end and then it’ll last the final eight weeks so that’s about current issues and criminal justice I think that one’s focus on the dark web that one I haven’t started yet but yeah so those are the classes that I’m in I’ll keep you guys updated throughout the school year as like how that’s going and if you have any questions like further more about classes that I’ve taken or class suggestions like anything like that leave me a comment down below should be a message on Instagram I have my Instagram linked and all my videos I’m pretty sure people message me all the time so that’s like cool with me um but yeah that’s pretty much it for this video I’m about to go do the rest of this philosophy homework because I have to I haven’t done any other reading yet and I can’t read and talk at the same time so I’m gonna have to go do that but yeah I hope you guys like this video give it a thumbs up liked it please subscribe to my channel if you have not already I really appreciate it and I hope see you guys in the next video