Lab members

Etienne Laliberté

Associate Professor, Udem & Adjunct Senior Lecturer, UWA
Principal investigator

Alexis Carteron

PhD student
(co-supervised with Mark Vellend)
Start date: January 2016
Ecological differences between arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal temperate forests

Xavier Guilbeault-Mayers

MSc student
Start date: May 2016
Shifts in above- and belowground plant traits across a long-term chronosequence

Aurélie Dessain

MSc student
Start date: May 2017
Leaf spectral signatures and foliar traits

Guochen Kenny Png
PhD student

(co-supervised with Hans Lambers)
Start date: January 2013
Effects of soil nutrient-availability and rainfall gradients on plant-soil feedback caused by nitrogen-fixing legumes

David Poissant
Undergraduate research intern

Caroline Fink-Mercier
Undergraduate research intern

Former members

François Teste, postdoc 2012-2015, now researcher at CONICET, Argentina
Vlad Parasquive, research intern 06/2016-08/2016
Myriam Lalonde, NSERC undergraduate research assistant 05/2016-08/2016
Azucena Hernandez, Mitacs Globalink research intern 05/2016/08/2016
Felipe Albornoz, PhD student 09/2012-07/2016, now postdoc at Oregon State University
Alice Roy-Bolduc, PhD student 04/2015-05/2016
Graham Zemunik, PhD student 04/2011-04/2015, now postdoc at Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Audren Jiquel, research intern 05/2015-08/2015
William Barrette, BSc research assistant 06/2015-08/2015
Cristina Ramalho, PhD 04/2010-08-2012, now postdoc in Richard Hobbs’ lab
Sarah Dupont, BSc research intern 09/2015-12/2015, now MSc student
Paola Escobar, 12/2015-06/2016, lab technician
Pierre Quévreux, research intern 05/2013-08/2013
Patrick Hayes, Honours student 02/2012-11/2012, now PhD student with Hans Lambers
Thomas Costes, research intern 05/2011-08/2011