My Essay Writing Routine For Law School/University

[Music] hey guys in this video I’m going to show you that essay writing routine for university I got so many questions from you guys about how I write my essays because now that I’m doing the research master in law and also studying philosophy of a specific scientific field I need to write more essays than study for actual exams so in this video I’m going to show you all the steps that I do to write an essay from start to finish so let’s start so the first thing that I’d like to do is start reading a cornerstone article or book this really depends on the assignment usually our professor gives us a certain article that’s the starting point of our essay so I always like to start reading that article if you have a very free assignment maybe ask your professor version tips where to start so the second thing that I do after reading the cornerstone article is to start doing research doing research is very important because if you don’t do proper research you can miss very important information I also got a couple of questions about how I do my research so our university provides us with the legal database where we can search for articles case law codex clauses you name it so that’s usually what I use I usually use clue or navigator which is a Dutch legal database which you can use whatever you like when it comes to philosophy unfortunately there isn’t like a real philosophy database so what I like to use them is to just Google or to use Google Scholar which is the more scientific side of Google another good thing to use is Stanford or Plato at the PDF they’re very nice to Saku PDF if you just want to read a more general article about a certain philosopher [Music] so after I’ve done my research and I’ve done even more reading it’s time to write down the important part but I really recommend doing is whenever you are reading a certain text the book or article is already highlight and write down the important part in Word documents because this way you already have a little bit of an overview a little bit of a beginning with your essay whenever you’re really going to start and you’re not going to start with a blank sheet so write down the important part as kind of notes don’t copy the whole passage into your essay so after I’ve written down all the important stuff I’ve done all the research that I wanted to do it’s time to really start with your essay one of the most important things that I’ve discovered when it comes to writing a good essay is to have a very well structured essay even if the information in it is correct do not go into post assignments so I like to kind of make a research plan before in writing my essay so in a research plan I already write my introduction I formulate a research question which is the most important part of your essay then I look at a different paragraph that I want to write the real structure of the essay and then I also try to kind of formulate a conclusion or opinions based on everything that I read so it doesn’t have to be your final conclusion or opinion but it’s just nice to know where your essay is going I personally find it very helpful whenever I’m writing and then it’s also very important to always mention your sources so if you already make this structure before you’re going to really start writing your essay you already know what you need to write and it will be way easier [Music] so after your major structure it’s time to really start writing and I feel like this can be a little bit difficult especially if you’re struggling with the writer’s block but what I recommend doing is to just start writing in an environment that you really like for example make yourself some nice tea and start writing your essay on your couch but maybe you prefer being very concentrated and then you can go to your university library or whatever just make sure you find a spot that works for you for me personally this really helps you to write your blog but I would love to know your tips when it comes to dealing with the writer’s block so let me know in the comments down below so last but not least it’s always important to check your F site although it’s of course good to check your essay yourself or ask your friends sometimes it’s very nice to have some professional help when it comes to checking your essay but that’s why I teamed up with analyze that academic health PubMed because they provide an essay proofreading service that actually brings results they provide with the writing check that includes errors in grammar punctuation style Organization citations and content consistency they’re actual professionals that are going to analyze your paper and they’re also going to provide you with an approximate rate so this is a paid service but it’s actually in my opinion really affordable they provide for three different pricing points and it all depends on the time your deadline is even if you’re starting very late with your essay which I of course don’t recommend but hey sometimes it happens they can check your whole essay in 24 hours so in my opinion that’s just a very very nice surface so if you have a very important paper to write or you want to make sure your motivational letter is on points then going for a service like analyze academic help is definitely a good way to make sure you’re not making any stupid mistakes so this part is sponsored by analyzed academic health but I just wanted to show the surface to you because I feel like it’s very helpful for non-native English speakers and also native English speakers because they’re not only checking your grammar of adults your structure in your organization all sir you completed all these steps I can promise you you will have it’s good and well-written essay hey guys I hope you all enjoyed watching my essay writing routine for university students and if you liked it I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel because I’m actually uploading now two to three times a week which is pretty good if I can say so myself also give this video a thumbs up if you want me to do five tips on writing essay if you want to hear more personal tips on writing a good essay and definitely give this video a thumbs up and I will make a fifth video out of it I also already did one for organization and productivity in a link down below and let me know in the comments down below how you deal with your writer slugs I feel like we all at some point get the writer’s block whenever we want to write an essay so it would be very helpful if we can get the conversation started in a comment down below and share all our writer blogs tips so that I guess that’s the end of this video and I just want to say I love you all and I really appreciate each and every one of you or your support honestly I feel like I don’t say it enough but I really do and and I’m just so happy to be on YouTube and have you as my loyal fans my community I just love you guys if you’re interested in seeing how I study because this essay writing which is of course completely different of my study routine I’ll link that’s on here so you can just click on it and then you’ll go to my study repeats and you can see how I prepare myself for exams so so I don’t have anything else to say and I’m talking an amazing day it’ll look to you later like hey guys after over well and will consume your videos