CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR: First Day of College// Senior Year (lets gooooo)

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] everyone it is Thursday January 17th and it’s like 8:25 a.m. I’ve cost today and it’s my first day my senior year of college so I’m so excited I figured I’d take you guys along with me so basically this morning I made myself some coffee which I’m still drinking right now and then you guys saw I did my devotional this morning so I love doing those because it always sets me on like the right path for the day and I get to spend a little time with God so I love that and then I also read some of the your badass folk I haven’t read like most of it I just started it and it’s pretty easy to read and I don’t know I really like it yeah I’ve cost today my first class is at 9:30 my second class is at 11:00 my class after that is at 12:30 and then the one after that is that too so yeah three classes today and I think I’m gonna swing by chick-fil-a today because my classes are like back-to-back like straight away so technically I’ll be in cost from like 9:30 to 3:20 every day if my professors keep us the full time but I think they’re gonna let us out early because it’s only the first day so yeah I also still have to go print off my syllabus cuz my professor wants us to turn off well I’ve the same professor for two classes and he wants us to print him off on our own so I need to go and do that at the library today probably before I go to my first class or maybe after the first class I don’t know yet but that’s the plan for today just finishing my Fe and yeah okay I’m gonna show you guys my outfit of the day for today I’m wearing these just kidding these are my PJs I actually just got these from Walmart believe it or not few days ago it’s just black polka dots so cute so comfy and it like buttons up to the top and then I just have these like pants but they’re like cropped and I kind of like that I know I like the cropped if you go and I just have my slippers on and you know also I want to show you guys something really quickly that I didn’t get to talk about cuz I haven’t been vlogging at all but I got a brand new camera lens for my camera and I’m so excited because I’ve talked about this in a few vlog I actually have a photography Instagram page and I take pictures for like graduations or just regular picture I’ve also done sports pictures like baseball pictures and things like that and I got a brand new lens it looks like this it’s super amazing and it came with the hood which is awesome but it’s a 50 to 300 so this lens is absolutely amazing I’ve taken some like practice shots with it just to see what it was like and it’s actually pretty nice so I’m gonna show you guys my old lens so you can see the difference between this one and my old ones this was my old lens and I didn’t really like this one just because I don’t know I really don’t like it it doesn’t go out very very far but this one was a standard lens that came with the camera when I bought it so 18 to 55 and it just wasn’t for me so I found this one and I love it as you can tell it is a lot bigger so I’m super excited to have this new one and yeah this is what it looks like okay so here’s my outfit of the day I have this blue shirt on it is from sugar beam it’s a coffee shop in galveston and then I have my black leggings that I got from Marshalls and I have my Steve Madden platform shoes and yeah this is the outfit of the day and I also have my North Face book bag on with my water bottle and the little water bottle thing so here we go off to class and it is 903 and I gotta go print off my syllabus and there’s a piece of my hair um but yeah hopefully today is a great day and let’s go senior year here we go first day of senior year [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I just left left my last class it was critical thinking and I’m on my way to my apartment because the only thing I ate this morning was the chick-fil-a but it’s party like 3:30 so it’s pretty late now and I’m super hungry so yeah I’m gonna go eat some food hey guys so I’m looking a little crazy right now but I came back to my apartment and then I had my mow prep which you guys saw I had the turkey meatballs the cream beans and garlic roasted red potatoes so that was so good and I watched YouTube for a little bit and then I had like four or five slices of celery sticks so that was pretty good right now I’m eating my leftover dairy queen that I got I think cut it yesterday um so I’m having that and yeah I just want to talk about my first day of classes cuz it’s like kind of I don’t know it’s like my last first day of school for my senior year of college so that’s kind of like a big deal to me so I had four classes today I had judicial systems police system in practice I had constitutional law – and then I had critical thinking so I had all of that today from 9:30 to 3:20 then I just came back to my apartment the classes are pretty great for the most part my professors are pretty nice so I really like that they’re actually kind of funny too which is like rare to find nowadays with like professors college professors but they’re pretty funny so that was awesome and yeah I’m feeling really great about the semester there’s definitely a lot of course load work so gonna be really busy but that’s good cuz it’s like it’s good to be busy cuz you’re more productive when you’re busy so yeah that’s why I do all the things that I do cuz it’s like I know it just makes me more productive in me and so yeah classes are pretty great and I’m really excited for this semester I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make really good grades a semester which is what I’m hoping for it and looking forward to so yeah I think right now I’m just gonna relax cuz I’ve been in class for six and a half hours and yeah I just want to have some anytime so I’m gonna eat my ice cream and honestly maybe just like sit coz I’ve been kind of on my phone and like on my laptop here and there so yeah I feel like my eyes need to get away from that for a little bit so I’m going to just eat my ice cream and enjoy the rest of my evening I am planning on going to the gym but right now I just wanted to relax so I threw my PJs back on which is just like the set that I showed you guys this morning so I’m wearing those right now and then later on probably like 5 o’clock I’m gonna go to the gym and do some arms there’s something but that is the update for today and yeah I will talk to you guys in a little bit okay hey guys sorry about the lighting but quick little update I ran to Walmart to send my mom some money and then I went to my gym cuz I told you guys I was gonna work out and guess what there was zero like zero parking at the gym absolutely no spot was open I met actually h-e-b right now so I’m gonna go a couple of groceries and that is my little update for right now [Music] hey also as you can tell I’m all showered up and I just figured I would go ahead and end off this vlog thank you guys so much for watching today’s video and honestly I’m so glad I got to like document this moment because this is kind of a big deal for me it’s my last first day of my senior year in college so it’s very bittersweet and honestly I can’t believe that it’s coming to an end but yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you guys in the next one bye bye [Music] [Applause]