Social justice assignment

hello I am Ashley Carter and I want to respond to the social justice blog first and foremost I really have always grew up with that Golden Rule do unto others as you’ve done to yourself or you would have them do unto you however I love the explanation that was given in the article that talked about you know how the golden rule applies but it can’t really apply to everyone because we all have different situations and circumstances going on and we come from different backgrounds that kind of changes things how we view things can be very different so for me I think that that the counselors Golden Rule is really good and I would definitely ascribe to it and if I would kind of give give my own golden rule or golden rule my thought would probably come from just the the the story in acts where I think it was Peter and John and the lame man and he comes to them for money or he’s asking for money he’s begging for money at the temple when they go to pray and they tell him I think it’s John three and six they tell him that silver and gold they don’t have but what the hell they give to him and the reason why I could really kind of make that be my golden rule what I have our gift to you is because with school and with the trainings and with all of the education that I’m gonna get and the experiences that I’m going to get I believe that there will be people that I will be able to help and they may come not because I’m gonna tell them you know what their situation is but they may come and they’re coming and they’re asking for something and as we talk and as they talk through what they’re really really searching for the answer comes through you know listening and just having them do some reflections and assessments and things like that so my golden rule would be that I don’t have all the answers but what I have but I’ve been trained what I’ve experienced through the wisdom and the peace of God through the spirit of might and just counseled holy spirit what I have I can give to you I don’t have all the answers but my faith and my just belief in hope in Christ I can give you I offer you something to help you in your situation as far as my social action or and I hope I’m understanding that question correctly some of the things are one of the one of the actions that I need to be very intentional about is really learning more about other people’s culture and ethnicity and situations and being opened being very open to something that is different people that are different you know I don’t want to be stuck in the box are stuck in a box of what my culture is or what my belief is on what only what Ashley has been taught is right I want to be very open so my action towards social justice would be not just book knowledge but life knowledge getting to know more people and getting to be exposed to something different just being open this has been a very good class it’s been awesome this is my blog hope you enjoy

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