Criminal justice technology assignment 5

hello ms Lindsay X lurk this is my computer assignment 5 for criminal justice technology summer term 2014 just a little introduction about myself I’m a criminal justice major at fau I’m a senior this year so i will be graduating on tuesday August fifth in this assignment I will be presenting the result of the work I’ve completed in previous assignments for this class and demonstrating how they pertain to criminal justice technology I will be combining the results of previous assignments displaying my works demonstrating how technology is used in the criminal justice field I’ll be locating criminals using technology and i’ll be explaining my findings on offender Kimberly Arroyo who resides in west palm beach and the crime she may have committed now hear this table here shows the property crime rate in Pennsylvania between 2000 and 2012 that breaks it down in two three categories burglary larceny theft and motor vehicle theft if you look closely motor motor vehicle theft and larceny theft have both decreased since the year 2000 in this city but burglary rate the burghley rate has actually increased since 2000 in Pennsylvania this chart pie chart reflects the percentage of male deaths in the US by region and if you look at it says that most of the firearm deaths occur in the south and although that the Northeast has concentration of major cities such as New York New Jersey of all those states that have a lot of people residing there actually has the least amount of desk by firearm this is a map of west palm beach and the variety of crimes committed here we have Thomas I sexual assault robbery aggravated assault burglary theft and motor vehicle theft and if you look closely there’s a lot of theft occurred crimes occurring in West Palm Beach and my offender Kimberly Arroyo is actually being charged with theft so she may have been part of these crimes listed on this map and here’s my criminal offender let me introduce you to Kimberly Arroyo current age 30 she was born februari first 1984 and she has been arrested multiple times for drug possession theft forgery of counterfeit money in resisting arrest and I found that she resides in 606 way west palm beach florida 33 407 i did extensive research through facebook and other helpful websites that led me to believe that she was residing in that address here my message to citizens of the community controlling crime is the business of every American don’t just leave it up to the police or investigators to solve the crimes or help you help them not be committed participate in crime prevention programs know how to prevent crime around you fight back against the violence and disorder nobody likes violence in their neighborhood don’t let it occur avoid high crime areas this will lessen your chance of victimization don’t go out late at night with large amounts of money don’t go out late at night by yourself just typical things that you would do to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of crime also take self-defense training might help in fighting the crime when something occurs fighting back alright and that concludes my assignment 5 if you have any questions feel free to email me be glad to answer them for you thank you

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