Ways to talk about crime in English – Advanced English Lesson

hello everybody I am Niharika and today we are going to talk about crime well every day I wake up in the morning and open the newspaper all I read is about crime in today’s world the crime has become very gruesome you know with times and all you see is someone killed somebody or the bank was robbed and so on where has the world come to well there are formal terminologies that are used by the lawyers and by the newspaper editors and that’s what we are going to look at today so that you can understand it better or even talk about crime on daily basis so first let’s understand what is crime now crime is an illegal action or an illegal activity for example killing your boss is a crime even if he’s a terrible boss yes unfortunately it’s very much a punishable crime well just kidding so crime is an illegal action or an illegal activity and the person who comes a crime is called a criminal alright now remember you never use the word crime as a verb you would never say he crime door she crimes that is completely incorrect well you use the verb commit okay you use the word commit that collocates the word crime so she committed a crime or this person commits a crime okay so come it is the verb that you are supposed to use okay now we are going to look at couple of crime now we have Violent Crimes okay and the first one that we have is armed robbery now what is armed robbery when a robber or a group of robbers try to rob a store or maybe try to drop a bang and they are carrying weapons weapons such as a gun or maybe knives and they threaten people or they try to hurt people with these arms okay with these weapons then it is called an armed robbery okay now for example you can say that there was an armed robbery at the bank next to my house okay so this means robbers robbed the bank and they were carrying weapons okay the next one that we have is mugging mugging is a very quick violent robbery on a person and usually it takes place in a public place okay so for example a person is walking and maybe a biker comes and tries to assault this person in a very violent attack and drops his wallet and his watch or maybe his rings so that is called as mugging you can say there were three muggings in our vicinity past one week right then the next one that we have is assault assault is beating up someone so maybe someone gets into a fight and you know beats the other person in a very violent manner so that is that means that he assaulted that person okay maybe you got into a road rage okay and you assaulted that person because you got really violent you started beating him up so that is assaulting another one that we have is sexual assault sexual assault is having forced sex so when you try to build another formal word for sexual assault is rape okay so which means that you try to have forced sex without the other person’s consent so that is definitely a very punishable act it’s a very punishable crime the next one that we have is manslaughter so what is manslaughter manslaughter is when a person kills someone but did not intend to kill that person so it is a murder but it is an unintentional murder maybe someone was trying to rob you or attack you and you wanted to save yourself and that’s why you use some kind of a weapon to kill that person so that is manslaughter so it is not considered by the law as bad as a murder okay so this is manslaughter it’s a crime yes it is a crime however you do not intend to kill that person so killing a person unintentionally is manslaughter so these are the types of boiling crimes now let’s have a look at white coloured crimes so now let’s have a look at white-collar crimes now what are white-collar crimes well these are certain thefts or frauds where a person is not physically hurt or physically threatened let’s have a look at what types of white-collar crimes are the first one that we have is tax evasion tax evasion is when you do not pay your taxes on purpose you know you try to skip on paying the taxes so remember if you’re doing that it is a crime so please do pay your taxes on time so tax evasion is on purpose when you do not pay your taxes the next one that we have is bribery now bribery is when you offer lots of lots of money in favor of something really nice maybe you offer money to the politicians or to police officers to get your work done that is bribery so someone offering bribery or someone accepting bribery both are considered as crimes okay so please don’t commit this kind of a crime if you are doing that the next one that we have is identity theft now what is identity theft well it is when a person steals all the personal information of another person in order to get hold of their credit card details or to use their bank accounts now that is identity theft or maybe this is criminal who is trying to avoid imprisonment and tries to steal all the detailed information of someone else and uses it for himself okay that is also identity theft so the next one that we have over here is investment scam what is investment scam now you know there are companies who offer very rosy picture to people they say that you have to invest so-and-so amount and your money will be doubled in a month’s time Wow that like sounds incredible but trust me it is not true it’s a complete fraud a fraudulent scam so maybe these people are trying to rob a lot of money okay they are stealing your money where they’re promising you that you would get great returns but in fact it’s a complete scam so that is investment scam so these are the crimes known as white-collar crimes and now let’s have a look at some crimes which are less punishable the next type of crimes that we have are misdemeanors now misdemeanors are not very serious crimes okay upon conviction the criminals have to pay maybe a small fine or few days of imprisonment they are very less serious crimes what are the types of misdemeanors well let’s have a look the first one is vandalism now vandalism is when a person or a group of people try to destruct a property okay damage or destruct a property so it’s definitely a crime and it is cold as vandalism the next one that we have is prostitution now prostitution is having sex for money in many countries it’s legal but in the countries where it is not legal it is considered as a crime so where women have sex for money that’s prostitution the next one that we have is trespassing now trespassing is when you try to enter into someone’s premises okay or on to someone’s property without permission that’s called as trespassing and the last one that we have over here is drug possession drug possession is when people have illegal drugs of course again consuming drugs or having drugs is illegal in many countries so it is considered to be a crime so these are some less serious crimes and I hope this lesson would help you to talk about crimes or even the next time you are reading a newspaper you know what this formal term in lodging me I’ll be back with a new lesson till then you take care


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