All-usa academic scholarship recipients

[Music] my academic goals I want to say they are to complete my my time here in my associate in arts at PVCC but I am applying I have already applied to ASU to go for the bachelors program for social behavioral sciences it’s like a I guess an innard like a what they call it interdisciplinary bachelor degree so it makes a sociology and psychology I eventually want to go ahead into a master’s program for counseling I would like to be a counselor and have my own practice but specifically work with at-risk youths educational goals have been to achieve my associates in elementary ed and pursue my bachelor’s in elementary ed in special education now that I’ve recent events and those opportunities that I have I’m now able to map through I’ve also my goals did receive a higher education and master’s degree and eventually hopefully my doctorate PVCC has been just amazing in in the guidance and mentorship that I’ve had from faculty and staff in guiding and helping guide me on my journey but also like it’s already had the vision and where I wanted to go it was very easy to share that with with my mentors and and people who I met along the way Paradise Valley Community College very specifically and I don’t have the experiences of the other campuses but it’s the difference between teacher centered learning and student centered learning this campus and all the courses I’ve been able to take and all the professor’s have had teach in a manner where its students that are learning and and you you have lectures you have information and course content but you’re able to take this information and use it and apply it and they encourage this and they provide you with opportunities to go out of the classroom do these things that are that are important to you find needs and they support encouraged and you further develop what you’re getting from these classrooms and I’m able to practice that in a real-world application I’ve talked to other people they’re like well maybe you would like to do peer mentoring and I was like yeah but these are college students like you know and like no there’s programs with with ace in the early college programs that you can mentor for high school students I’m like that’s my demographic that I’d love to work with one day is is that age range so I peer mentored for like three three early college classes so and that was amazing I it ended up affording me the job on campus and I work with early college program this scholarship was just such a huge blessing for me because it it now allows me to make these plans for that next step for the Masters so it’s not like oh I’ve arrived that I’m getting this bachelor’s but everything that I’ve planned to pay for college now can be moved forward and that discipline can just be kind of held on to longer and now it wasn’t even a possibility I didn’t think about a masters or a doctorate I mean and and this scholarship along with the opportunities I’m getting here have shown me that that it’s not only possible but it’s in reach so it’s things like that finding the mentors on campus and I’m doing the coursework and I’m gonna earn this degree but it was those other people who helped me and looked out for me and like this might help you along your journey and I’m just stuffing my tool bag with every possible tool I can so that when I go to ASU I don’t feel lost and unsure the way I did when I first got here you know and so it’s it’s really prepared me in leadership and with academics and then with just again those experiences that are gonna be with me long after I leave here [Music] you [Music]

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