Criminal justice speech

for this speech I will be demonstrating how certain things work and model to study in my major and my major is of course criminal justice but that being said the way things work for a particular thing now I’m going to talk about is how things work and a crime scene you know when a crime scene is unfortunately established there are certain protocols that you have to do you can’t just walk upon the scene and as you know you know just kind of do your own thing you have to number one and start by you know sketching the crime scene to get a clarity or understanding of what’s going on what’s important when you know mitigating factors in the crime scene you know certain clues that you know some things may be moved around or some things that may look out of the ordinary so another thing is you know with the crime scene there comes a level of certain people like there are people you know the police officer is a first responding to the crime scene he often has to sketch the crime scene and when the detectives arrive he’s and charging who comes in and out of the crime scene you know keeping track of who who comes in when they leave what time when they leave what time did the crime occur you know things like that in you know and you go to a higher up level to the actual detective who is responsible for you know finding out key clues you know what time did this happen comma death you know Tom you know what Tom did such as such may have gotten here or when did they leave you know all all those things are you know important important factors you know when you when X you know in processing the crime scene you know crime scenes are very vital and most of the time ultimately to catching know the criminal whoever committed the crime you know things like that and things of that matter and another thing is you know you know when they have corners on the scene those are the only people in charge of you know touching the bodies if there are bodies on the crime scene you know or you know taking pictures of evidence such as you know bullet casings or fingerprints or you know blood splatter you know they’re in charge of determining how you know what type of blood splatter is this you know how this may have happened or you know even playing things back even playing things back to you you know recall how the situation may have went down you know others are you know very important things to you know processing a crime scene is know to clown you know if you most of the time when criminals commit crimes they often do leave behind some some clue or some type of evidence that shows that you know they’re guilty of their crime

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