Recidivism and the criminal justice system

good evening ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining me today um we’d like to speak about a very important topic that I have today that I would like to address first and foremost I am a criminal justice major majoring criminology and criminal justice criminal justice and criminology and the main reason why I majored in this major is because I grieve in chants and I believe that certain individuals and all that commit crimes of course do just have a chance to come back into society and become heard of it recidivist recidivism it and to also make sure that people when they get out of prison or jail are able to find a job are able to find a good decent paying job in order for them to actually live like law-abiding citizens now when an individual for example serves like two to four or five years in jail for example in prison in the correction system by the way I’ve taken a corrections class this semester and I’ve learned a lot of things in the class but the main thing that I noticed when it comes to this kind of stuff is when these individuals are in the prison or in jail even for a felony or a misdemeanor these individuals are being put in cells for about 23 hours 22 hours a day they just going outside for about an hour a day or eating lunch and a lot of these individuals are not actually doing things in the prison or in the jail while they’re being incarcerated and this is an issue that I hope to show individuals that there is still hope that we could allow incarcerated and individuals to come back into society as a law-abiding citizens on the other hand if we don’t provide educational systems or we don’t provide things fall then cuts rate and individual and what good is they gonna make for that individual when he or she comes back into society and is not educated or is not trained to do things for example the prison or the jail or like I like to call it the correction system is a billion dollar industry okay it won’t hurt for the corrections system to make programs for individuals to learn for example skilled trades or do things that will allow the individual to actually learn things while they’re being incarcerated that way when they come back into society they have a trained skilled we want to go out and look for jobs these days people are looking for individuals they have experience in this now of course when an individual is applying for an application there’s a question of have you been convicted of a felony or have you been convicted of a misdemeanor and I think depending on what job the individual is trying to apply for it would be maybe a little easier if some job applications took that question off I’m a believer that individuals do change individuals do change for us to ask an individual that just got out of prison or jail has he or she been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor as putting barriers around that individual so the individual is not able to find a job now what an individual is not able to find a job how is the individual supposed to for example pay for things you know the individual is not supposed to go and rob places or commit more crimes because that will have the individual and then back into prison and that’s how big portions of the percentage of individuals that come out are a jail or prison come back in the best thing for us to do is to formulate things in jail or prison for these inmates to learn to give them a chance to have them come back into society knowing that mean and even though I have done a mistake in my past or maybe I have done something I was I supposed to do I was there at the wrong time you know we all do mistakes in life there is still hope there is still a chance for me to get to somewhere in life that’s how individuals they are working in the field of criminal justice like me and my future for example within the next two months or three months when I find a job I graduate in April I would love to find a job in the corrections center or correctional units to help these individuals individuals that are serving a time of like two or five years to the ten years 10 years 15 years was that they still have hope that they still can become successful yeah I got is that just wanted to do an introduction video of what I’m planning to do literally later on within the um without uploading more videos about um criminology and criminal justice and the various things that I’ve been learning with and beginning my bachelor’s degree and I truly hoped that I could make a difference in people’s lives you know because I’m a high believer that we are in this world to make a difference in individuals lives when I hear just to work make money and just you know just wait until something happens know if we want something to happen we have to act on it we have to make a difference in order to make a difference there has to be an actual this is why I got my degree in criminology and criminal justice a bachelor’s degree I started off a Henry Ford Community College for two years then I transferred to UM the University of Michigan Dearborn for another two years and I will be getting my bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice in April I’m very excited to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and if you have any questions or concerns please you know just send me a message through the YouTube message if there is or I’m kind of new at Easter or you know um just keep watching my videos and I hope you enjoy the rest of my videos thank you very much and have a great day

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