13 Law dissertation tips

13 top tips for writing your lore dissertation start by researching the topic you are particularly interested in then try and find a specific issue do not choose a really broad topic but find something which is narrow and quite niche then start your research collect relevant material and go through it work out a rough structure write down headings and subheadings and decide what you should and should not include of course as you start your writing process you may have to change your headings it is a good idea to finalize the introduction right at the end this way you know what you argue however when you briefly explain your argument do not provide reasons for this this is not the right place for this it is also a good idea to finalize the introduction at the end because you can introduce the chapter structure in order to guide the reader generally the introduction should demonstrate that you understand the issue and you should also indicate how you address them provide definitions for important terms explain the aim of your research and set out the scope of your dissertation ie address what legal issues the dissertation seeks to explore and explain what you will discuss and what you will exclude the main part should develop the argument and provide all the important information for your particular conclusion it is a good idea to have several chapters make sure that each chapter is roughly of similar length if one chapter takes up most of your words try and rework your chapter structure chapter should build on the previous one wide signposts between chapters so that they link together and the reader knows what comes next headings can be a useful way to provide signposts when you use headings ensure that you are consistent provide examples so that your points are clearly communicated and also comment on the importance of the arguments you are making do not use quotations too often because you will not receive good marks for merely copying and pasting many quotes instead try and formulate the points in your own words always include the source it is important to use quality sources for example to refer to the Harvard Law Review as opposed to webpages from unknown sources a dissertation should be rich in quality sources this way you demonstrate that you have conducted solid academic research remember to support all statements with authorities this is essential the conclusion then presents the various parts of your argument in a coherent manner this does not mean that you have to repeat them instead you should deal with the question which the dissertation addresses and explain how this has been answered new materials should not be introduced in the conclusion while I’m wishing you all the success with your lore dissipation and in case you need help with your lor dissertation feel free to contact us at info at si law co dot uk’ ensures that there’s constitutionalism and there are other concepts as well such as separation of powers and the rule of law and these concepts help to ensure that power is kept in check and there’s no state abuse

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