Justice for the lubicon cree

I know my children and my grandchildren deserve what’s rightfully theirs and that’s this land there was everything in here you name it squirrel who’s near I bear wolf something is all here now you know a lot of them older people who up and taking this this fight to protect our land and save our land left us so that puts us in a situation with a bigger burden to continue that fight and they’ve always stated that we’ve got to keep our land alive for us it’s not a question of asking for landed we we know it’s our land the problem is the province figures it stares and they keep issuing licenses permits to the oil and gas industry and also to the logging industry we’re in a heart of loop economy laughs here and they built this sour gas plant here then them trucks that you’ve seen coming in here they go 24 hours a day seven days a week it happened soon after they come here when there was 400 pump jacks that surrounded my people and they start having our woman start having problems with caring babies like are the twenty one pregnancies there’s nineteen stillbirths this is what’s doing it there are no human rights here they don’t exist and the proof is in our graveyards we’ve lost our children and our grandchildren her brothers sisters used to be just a few graves like from 19 1978 and prior but when they open their own that’s their progress and the graveyards are all new there’s more than probably over more than half of the population is on welfare there’s a lot of drinking alcohol drugs prescription abuse they called all that stuff we’re having suicides now because there is no future that the young people see and they basically give up life is so precious that it far outweighs any economic situation and in that regard we are always taught that we gotta try and help one another if someone is hungry you feed them or if somebody can’t do something for themselves and you’re able and to do that for them then that’s what you go and do so it’s been a struggle haven’t been put in a situation where you’re kind of welfare dependent to retain that was the social fabric of any society doesn’t have to be native you do that to a white community you’d see that that the vast changes with that society in a very short term well than me I lost a little boy 14 months ago an attorney seemed to open my eyes like I really realized they oppresses these kids are mind you I never allowed alcohol or drugs or anything in my house like if I tried to raise my kids the way I thought was right and I still had that up load in my little one you know if you look in a dictionary of what’s happening when they mentioned culturals inside and you look what happened what’s happening to our people to a small group like us and the consequences and all the things that surround us I the word defines what’s transpiring here

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