Research paper instructions

so what we’re going to be doing today is we’re going to be creating the cover sheet and the table of contents and the required sections for the research paper so the first thing we want to do is we want to get into Google Docs and the way we do that is we log into Google with our logo ACC that org Google address I’m already signed in and then we’re going to go to the Google Docs I want to create a new document so I start by going to a blank doc and we’re going to get up go through a couple of different steps the first thing we’ll do is we’ll name our research paper and for purposes of demonstration I’m going to put my first name and the agency that I’m going to be researching is the Oprah police department what I want to do is I want to begin by putting my sections in first thing you’re going to want is an introductory section a discussion section within your discussion and we’re going to require that you have three a minimum of three main topics a summary slash conclusion and a reference page for each of these I want to create a certain font style so for introduction I want the font style to be heading 1 discussion I want my font style to be heading 1 my topics are going to fall under my discussion so all three of these the one is sub headings or heading number two my summary conclusion heading 1 and my rough is anyone now what I want to do is I want to create some page breaks so I go to my various sections at the beginning I’m going to insert a page break go to my summary which is my next major section insert a page break references insert a page break I’m going to insert two page breaks at the very beginning of the document one to the first page break will be my cover sheet on this page break I want to create a table of contents and I do that by simply inserting table and you see it creates it automatically for me and I’m just going to tape title that then table of contents I’m also going to go and insert page numbers page numbers are inserted correctly and now I’m going to create the cover sheet what I want to do here is Center it I’ll probably want to increase the font size I might want to lower it just a little bit Center into the page probably want to fold it next I may want to insert an image so I’m going to take an image probably want to make it a little larger and I also want to put in some information about this paper was prepared by anyone for what class so I’m going to let me just give me a rough time here probably want to put the date that I date our month in year so it looks pretty good so there you have some instructions for creating a basic format for your research paper and I’m going to be looking for all these elements that are required part of your research and then you can provide an introduction you can create your topics summarize it make sure you include any references that’s all there is good luck

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