Persuasive Speech – Why the Justice System Needs Reform

the United States criminal justice system controls lost six point six million people either by means have been imprisoning or probation and parole it also ranks number one in the world for the highest amount of criminals in the system over the last few years slow celebrity and rapper Meek Mill gained national attention after receiving two to four years of jail time for popping the wheelie in a music video and according to her form alliances article published in 2018 Meek Mill has been in the revolving doors of probation problems dating back over a decade ago despite never committing a crime Meek Mill was able to be released because of how popular he was and how much negative attention was in spotlight for others isn’t such a happy ending there are thousands of cases like meek Mill’s that prove that the criminal justice system needs revisions on top of that a lot of people think that the sentencings are inconsistent as well as the loony drug problem is always going to be a problem in the justice system the United States criminal justice system needs reforming because of the inconsistencies with the sentences the drug problem and the countless lies being unfairly controlled by being locked in the revolving doors of probation and parole to understand how flawed the current system is we first have to look at how the justice system has problems with the sentencing many people in organizations are arguing to adjust sentence things and crimes according to Leigh Abrams an article in legal match calm a first offense for marijuana in certain states can hold up to a year of incarceration and many organizations such as the drug policy Alliance believe that a year of incarceration for marijuana charge is an extreme waste of taxpayer money while looking at other types of cases the sentencing gets more expensive according to Wikipedia article titled laws regarding rape the average length of jail time for rape is nine point eight years while the average served time is only five point four years but what the US criminal justice system many argue that it gives too much leniency towards certain races and individuals according to a manual appear in verse CNN article published in 2016 brock turner the college student convicted three felonies of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman was only given six months of jail time this lack of consistency was sentencing there’s only one reason why the criminal justice system is flawed but when turning attention to look at drugs and narcotics the criminal justice system looks even worse as said before only one offense of marijuana can be enough to serve a year in jail with other forms of drugs such as are not narcotics the consequences get a lot worse according to an article titled drug possession penalties one offense of narcotic possession can result up to 20 years in prisons with fine and and probation keep in mind that narcotics camel and so on 20 years in prison with probation but Brock Turner’s rate of charge only landed in six months again taxpayer money is getting thrown out the window with how much they are spending to keep drug users in prison for that long cases with drugs should not be used to drain millions of taxpayer dollars but instead be used to send people to rehab and try and end the war on drugs drug cases the unreasonable penalties and the lack of help to overcome addiction accumulate – yet another problem in their justice system and the worst part of it all probation and parole makes the criminal justice system even worse probation and parole are given a criminal’s as a chance to serve their sentence outside of jail but with restrictions these restrictions could include house arrest not being able to travel outside the country or state not being a little participate in certain activities such as voting just a name of two recently cases of probation extension have been in the spotlight because of the lack of judgment on the jury or judge according to volvo coast calm article titled extending probation sentence without proof beyond a reasonable doubt a defendant named cunningham was subject to be under the criminal justice system until April 2011 but his judge extended his probation another year without any reasoning behind it this lack of reasoning behind a probation extension is one of the many problems with our justice system and the defendant had to stay another year under federalize costing him another year of his time as opposed to getting his life and career back on track the criminal justice system keeps people in the revolving doors of probation and parole by doing things such as extending their sentences with little to no proof the accumulation of drug problems sentencing issues and probation and parole amount to cases like meek Mill’s where to this day he is still battling more than a decade-long probation sentence for a crime he didn’t commit according to Reforma Lance’s article regarding mead mill despite the circumstances of his arrest and despite an editor committing a crime Meek Mill has been on probation his entire adult life and has been sent back to jail multiple times for moniker technical difficulties including popping a wheelie on a dirt pipe and performing a concert without the proper travel pre-approvals his legal troubles date back to 2007 where he was wrongfully arrested for drug and gun charges the officer in this case who testified against him have all either been discredited or came out eventually to defend me the officer failed an FBI polygraph test in 2014 he was sentenced up to two years of jail time with eight years of probation that has been unreasonably extended through 2023 the Philadelphia Police Department found an officer guilty of conduct unbecoming for engaging in criminal conduct and lying during an investigation and was forced to resign and after all this news came out Meek Mill is still battling with the judge that has been unreasonably staying his probation the judge on this case has been proven to be unreasonable with many cases and has had a controversy with Meek Mill outside of court dating back to one of the meet Mills and mixtapes in cases like meek Mill’s are much more common than one would think luckily Meek Mill is able to have a platform and fight against the injustice that the criminal system is giving him and thousands of others without the same platform I speak thousands of citizens are being thrown into the revolving doors of the US justice system the sentences that are given are extremely inconsistent rapists are given an average of nine point eight years in prison but then privileged people such as Brock turn are only sentences six months sentences are also too extreme in some cases a year for possession of marijuana is no doubt a waste of taxpayer money the criminal justice system is flawed the US justice system is also fighting a seemingly never-ending battle on drugs people convicted to possession and abusing drugs should be sentenced to a rehabilitation center not a sentence of 20 years of jail on probation again 20 years is a waste of taxpayer money and makes people like Brock Turner seem above the law with his lack of punishment probation and parole are two factors that make the criminal justice system even more blunt people can be trapped inside the system for even longer than originally expected for little to no proof and reasoning these problems make up cases such as Meek Mill where again he is still battling over a decade-long case for crimes that he didn’t commit so the u.s. criminal justice system has its flaws the way people are sentence needs to be re-evaluated the way that drugs have an effect on someone’s life and career need to be evaluated and the way that probation and parole can trap someone’s in the system needs to be re-evaluated without the proper fixes more cases like Meek Mill will pop up and the justice system will still have control over me millions of precious lives