Persuasive speech juvenile justice system

my name is Nelson my topic is the juvenile justice system I believe in second chances I believe everyone has the second chance no matter what you did of how it went we all regret and we’re all human beings we all do stupid things that decisions that we regret see what is the juvenile justice system Barry Chris Berg and the article the juvenile justice system should be reformed States the American juvenile justice system is a primary system used to address and deal with youth who are caught and convicted of crimes the juvenile justice system interview intervenes in delinquent behavior through police court in correctional involvement as large affinity what it’s saying it’s that the the juvenile justice system is the one that picks the sentencing for the kids before under age 18 so it tells him that they’re in the charge him as an adult or keep them messing up juvenile but see before I start I’m going to talk about a story about myself seeing in this picture is senior ditch day we are seniors and the two guys right there my two best friends far left the tall guy probably Rodriguez no one what the hell a hat believe it I’m solid see we were so close together let me started go we’ve been together best friend since seventh grade we went to high school and we decided to take the criminal justice Academy Class C it’s so crazy how the criminal justice class taught us about presidents elves courthouses and the laws were such the best friends that we decided by the same car see we all have the same cars we’re all best friends see two months two months after we graduated my friends decided to take a different path one day I went into the car we went to in-n-out and the habits funky smell I asked him what does it smell like this Oh because he was just smoking marijuana so I’m like you guys actually do that occasionally I’m like so I started dissing myself I didn’t want a part of that because my parents taught me better but see they didn’t they decided to take doing stupid idea they went to this party that they do to regret now this party where they got this pill called sanics see this pill is so hard that it’s like the new heroin on April 26 they took that pill April 27 I get a phone call from our loose brethren hey you didn’t get come by he’s like well Ramos and gentle and then for what he’s is all over the news he’s like you need to find out come back in town and I find out my two best friends are in jail see that night on April 26 my friends decided to take that pill hanging out with a bunch of friends decided to park right in front of second-amendment sports insider Robin see my my friends regret it now but I mean it’s too late now they should have thought about that pill thought about it I Frank cries I say I wish I I would have stopped this that kid right there fella Bernie consolidate doesn’t have papers so you might get deported we all do stupid things and that’s why I’m going against it’s not just because of my friends but because see in 2005 in the rover vs. Simmons Court in March 2005 the United States Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty for those who have committed the crimes at under 8 18 years of age was cruel and unusual punishments and hence hence bared by the Constitution it was broke by the article the next juvenile justice reform I don’t believe that people that do go to jail like under age 18 juveniles shouldn’t get the death penalty or life sentence because we’re all human beings and because we all do stupid things she asked us our brain doesn’t function to where age 21 we don’t understand that but kids kids don’t understand this see when when people get bad it starts from the frontal lobe where all the teachers start to come out but it starts to come back in from age 21 you start to get to your mature news this was talked by Paul Thompson and the article starting fines in a teenage brain and the sacramentum feet by this I got to understand that while this is where they get the anger that’s why they start punching walls start being a smartass and you ask why did you do it oh well I don’t know so that’s what you get it that’s where you get all this and people don’t understand so they get these juveniles a life sentence for what they have in live life you give a 13-year old charger as an adult and all this is gonna be is a criminal when I changed it it’d be different see if you can have a person drink beer at age 21 but you can give a life sentence from age 13 or younger you see you can have a seven year old go to jail and be charged as an adult but you can’t drink beer until your age 21 it doesn’t make sense to me how can we have this it’s it’s all it’s all permanent matter and all I want to say is I’m not I’m not asking for justice for my friends I’m asking for all the youth that do go to jail and all on often they do say well I don’t know why I did it I don’t know why I actually killed that person who took their money if we helped it would change see it all comes from the house see the parents how come we can’t say that the parents were the bad person in this sometimes it comes from the house because they don’t get the attention there so they happy show somewhere else so people can see and understand that all they wanted was attention all they wanted was for that parent to say hey how are you doing today how was school all they wanted was something that’s like come historian said about that kid that kissed him but you know that’s the same thing they all want attention in the tension matters and they get it the wrong way just like my friends did it all came from the house see my friend Felipe Rodriguez all this I talk about it a lot because his stepdad was battling he always hated on him so he took a bad decision hanging out with the wrong crowd and that’s what happens see my conclusion I want to talk about this very person I seen this movie I mean you might have seen it jamesy boy and this this guy when he came in he was he was young like 16 17 years old and he decided to hang out with the wrong crowd all because his dad was never there for him see his mom was always the person there for him and trying to help him out but she was not even help him cuz she had two jobs he went to prison he served like 10 years of prison he came out and he quotes you never come out of solitary confinement the same person again you don’t feel normal he says this you don’t feel normal because you get to see the changes in gentlemen you see something different you start being caged settled and you think all you want to do is get out he’s a great inspiration because now he has changes like around he has a degree in communications and he’s a writer and a poet if he can change his life I believe that every youth that’s getting charged for murder for life sentence the search a second chance I say we give them a second chance if everyone deserves a second chance