Organized Crime Research Paper Discussion

hello everyone my name is Cesar via quarter and I’m here to present my online my research paper basically I’m just gonna give you guys a basis and touch on just some of the kind of the main things I when I had kind of focused on the topic of my research paper is pretty much an analysis of one of the Mexican drug cartels a La Familia Michoacana and pretty much is a ton of the state of Michoacan as well I’m I chose to kind of focus on this on this Joker tell because they’re they differentiate from the from other drug cartels like a gulf cartel that’s in the oil of those that does and all that kind of stuff in a sense that they have certain set of like codes you know codes and rules that they follow out for the members and they have a certain sense of an ideology that they follow that out Canha and how they operate it’s pretty much the basis of their whole organization and this also kind of applies to like the Knights Templar the Knights Templar as well to some extent um so the first part of my research paper was pretty much kind of focus on the state of Michoacan and kind of what allowed you know what like crazy could what happened in the state and basically how and what allowed for organized crime groups to come in pretty much kind of start taking over the area and almost NYT legitimize the government a state government so basically Michoacana pretty much like all the rest of Mexico I’ve been going to some political turmoil when I was doing my research it kind of turns out that there was a shift or recently over the past couple decades that you know it was a shift from the power of like for the prison had a lot of control and the shit was the shift was trying to focus on and give more power to states and local governments normally that would be kind of a good case cuz then local governments can implement policies to better benefit the people of those communities however stay in local governments came out to be ineffective a lot of them came out to be correct and so the power shift kind of in a sense failed and the authority I guess you could say was not was not really there because the government wasn’t really looking out for the people they were you know it was just they were looking out for themselves combined along with some of the high poverty rates which I kinda had a pretty good high poverty poverty poverty sorry about that I had a high poverty rate as well as a lot of parts of Mexico as well and so this a lot of this kind of create a kind of a perfect storm not just that means you’re kind of brought to Mexico as well that allow for these Mexican drug cartels kind of take over and basically just kind of you know basically the sense of rule of law first rule of law so that’s what kind of what happened to the state of mitch mcconnell now to focus on Familia and nice templar so one of the main things touch mommy a little bit earlier was the Harrisons and codes and rules and conducts that they can do they’re very religious base a lot of their ideas are based on conservative christian values which really differentiates from the rest of you know not just drug cartels but I guess you can say kind of differentiates for most organized crime organizations they have members kind of pretty much follow the Bible like they need to have their members go like go to church and Bible study all that kind of and so you know basically everybody in the organization has to be well versed in the Bible well versed in those Christian values you know fully accepted and that’s kind of woman things that really interested me it’s just like they have like that they have an ideology it’s not just about money or power or so it seems that face value not just that but they also make a dedication to serve the people in the community pretty much serve the people around me Chicana and this was implemented when they first came to scene around 2006 when they kind of toss them sever heads into a dance nightclub on the floor of a dance nightclub and pretty much left you know saying you know we only kill those who would deserve to be killed will kill anything kind of stuff like that and so that’s kind of like kind of basis of their ideology and for the most part of the more or less kind of follow through it like most other drug cartels um they’re not the only students but most other drug drug cartels kind of follow to ISM they in a sense provide the services that you know the corrupt and effective government fails to do in other words they help build schools they build churches they donate to charities and in addition they also do provide George we had a bit we have visitation services as well to some of the people and so when they say that they’re really in for the community their actions at least in death and kind of show with it they kind of are for the community and I read on one of them like I’m one of the articles that I was looking through they even made an announcement to the government newspaper ad saying that you know if the government comes in and steps up and say about providing for the people of Michoacana then they were kind of you know the media would water out so there are very there different crime organization and a lot of ways an argument can be made that you know they function more as a terror kind of a one of those extreme terrorist groups like saying Isis Isis or you know Hamas or Hezbollah or Boko Haram because they have you know religious and the ology that they follow and they take the implement for the members to go to but not just for the members but also for the communities as well and so because they were able to like help out the communities it does help them kind of build a tolerance as well there was a tolerance build up by the community to cannot help some of the criminal activities that doesn’t mean that they ain’t Sara enjoyed those chores like it’s sort of like you know it’s just then they provide for us so you know well let them do them and so the other drug track thing that they do is basically just kind of second-hand and so they necessarily have more focus on helping out their communities more you know or so it seems now this is kind of country it does come to contradict because violence and Mitch McConnell has taken us back you know that’s you know they kind of took over and all that homicide rates you know at least per month are around are hundreds and every year when you look at the charts you know almost all right so almost a it’s like neutral condoms so that the whore is a non like kind of stuff you’ll see like them you know you’ll see like high you’ll see high homicide rates so even though they do say that you know the good for the community some of the rations you know don’t miss area speak for it because they do kill and they do drug traffic as well you know at the end of day it seems like this as well so yeah that’s basically just kind of a summarization of my research paper when you know further and dad went to all the come all this kind of stuff so basically and yeah and they also do forgot to mention this and it’s something I forgot to mention on the paper as well actually is they also do bribe a lot of government officials they do put a lot of money to campaigns as well to kind of help make sure that you know they they stay in control things up certain things there as well and this all Mexican drug cartels do this all pretty much organized crime do this kind of activity that’s well as there’s no stranger there mice of course well it’s probably just more extreme than Mexico than it is in other areas but yeah they do focus on that as well so yeah that’s pretty much it and so thank you for your time


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