My Controversial Topic Essay

what’s going on guys XX bench cool here ah can you hear me good you knew your me good I’m actually using my Astros now for recording so this is going to be a little different I guess in terms of quality but it’s it’s registered under the same thing as my turtle beaches but that’s not what I wanted to talk about today what I want to talk about I actually wanted to read my essay that I had to write for my for my English teacher for the legalization of marijuana so I thought I would read it for you guys so the gameplay isn’t really relevant although it is a pretty good gameplay so let’s get in it marijuana is currently one of the most popular illegal drugs in America and many people want it legalized the supporters think it has no more lethal effect on the human body than alcohol or cigarettes while at the same time the group of individuals that oppose of the substance being legalized think that marijuana has a very dangerous effect on growing children and if it’s a and if it gets legalized children will be able to get a hand of some with little to no effort there are arguments on both sides and many are true and or valid but it all depends on the voters people will try to spread their opinion to get people that are not not too educated on the subject to join their side however I will not be doing this I would be simply be spreading my current knowledge to share what people on my side of the controversy to believe marijuana is an illegal drug that is used very commonly among Americans one of the main arguments supporting my side is that marijuana is just as harmful to the human body as alcohol both affecting neurotransmitters in the brain the only difference is that alcohol can cause severe headaches today after also known as a hangover smoking marijuana does just the opposite not only does marijuana not have severe side effects marijuana has scientifically has been scientifically proven by multiple government agencies and nationwide poles at marijuana actually helps you sleep at night that’s kind of an obvious when you compare the effects that has on you the day after marijuana bring as less pain is also known for being more enjoyable the two drugs post stimulate the same part of the brain so why would one be more dangerous than the other neither one is in fact they both have their negatives and positive but none is more dangerous than the other next paragraph it is no secret that the jails and prisons are overcrowded and need to be cleaned out according to a report released in December of 2008 from the US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics the number of people incarnated for I don’t know how to say that word for incarcerated for drug offenses in state and federal prisons are over 600,000 if marijuana becomes illegal drug that people can buy anywhere it would leave the jails and prisons open for more serious crimes such as murder rape etc it would put drug dealers who sell you just sell marijuana out of work because they know they have nothing to sell even drug dealers who do not sell marijuana lose a big portion of money because marijuana was to be legalized it would be cheaper than the price of buying it from a dealer when the jails are not so crowded the drug dealers are losing their jobs to the government that makes for a lot less crime and more people happy with doing what satisfies them next paragraph the economy in America is in its worst state and it has ever been in the last 30 years when alcohol is legalized it was taxed and that tax money was going to the government with the economy in such poor condition and it is a necessity for the government to get some money if you tax marijuana when it’s legalized it will bring cat in a cash flow to the government people will go crazy when they realize in marijuana is legal citizens who wanted to try it but we’re scared of getting caught um can get it at a price wait get caught may now get it at a price and know that it is legal others who love marijuana will realize in marijuana that you buy from a store is cheaper than buying it from their usual dealer for the first couple of months maybe even the first year it will be bringing in a significant amount of money they could really help the government right now with the taxes hired as high as it is and might even bring in a large amount of cash to the American government it would just be another way for America to make money off of products that citizens desire some may argue that younger people in their teens will be able to access this illegal drug easier than ever before but this argument can be easily countered I know multiple people very good friends of mine who have very bad grades in school low grade point averages rope with low grade point averages those friends know exactly where to get some marijuana teens and young children nowadays can easily access marijuana through jug dealers friends or even family members it is no secret that marijuana is already an easy drug for anyone to get ahold of so saying it would be easier to get it as a growing child as a little much in fact I think would be harder to get it because normally a child could get it from a drug dealer and the drug dealer didn’t care what the age of the child was they just wanted their money if marijuana becomes legal there will be obviously an age limit and kids can’t just beg cashiers to let them have a drug they are not old enough to use or have possession of last paragraph marijuana is an illegal drug and it is about time it becomes legalized or studies in polls showing that what marijuana can do for people who would do for people who use it in to end today’s economy the information that has been presented before you is all based on fact everything you read is true I just hope that when you comes time to make a decision on this extremely controversial topic you choose to allow marijuana to become illegal oh and leave at a legal drug it has no more harm on the human body and according to many surveys it can be quite an enjoyable experience I hope that can make I hope that I hope you can make that right choice when it comes to that time so that was the essay um took me about hour and a half based on because I already had all the research done because I did my research first before I actually went and wrote it seems like a smart thing to do but yeah I was pretty much the essay hope you guys liked it I mean I am in only in 8th grade so it’s not gonna be some magical epic proportions winning paper but it is I would say it’s a pretty decent paper so if you liked it please like it if you didn’t like it please dislike it because it helps me know if I’m just spitting out crap that people don’t like and I like to know when I’m pleasing my audience out there so thank you guys for watching my name is Ven cool and I will see you guys on later today with probably some I don’t know what gameplay but I’ll think of it later alright see you guys later