Justice V. R . Krishna Iyer Memorial Lecture Series 2nd Jan 2016

yes this dish now yes various important judgments we have to remember today he was already yours then I met him in Kerala we have a table in Kerala illumina associated me talk but even a big law college students I had the opportunity and I will accept your that it was a divine blessings then I could meet him in person and I could talk to you and at that time also when he gave me an apple broth and in the photography he wrote I salute Indian Constitution justice we are Krishna here these were the words which he wrote at the age of hundred years that much passions that was love and affection he had for the in Constitution he said that if the lawyer of India has to give justice to the people it was first read the Constitution of India I had opportunity to talk to him in that Kamla aluminide chapter keep that have also told me that people who give justice to the common man God give them blessings and they get longest life and who else can have that life a hundred years a year even on the last day of his one hundred nine hundred years et company day he was in a position to talk he was walking he was knowing everything what was happening around and he was all his senses he had opportunity to give various bigger discourses he was many was one hundred years of age and he was telling only one thing to the people that whatever go ahead and you are doing do it live not only for each people keep some ten or twenty percent for the poor people for the cause of social justice and that was the message which he gave I accept here that I was the first recipient of this is we are award in the fields of economics when you are the age of hundred years if you stood at the border me in Kerala in presence of in Kochi what was even what was even just it was he had in word to say that justice starts from law school if you teach the students that what is wrong and what injustice if they understand what it is then they become the lawyer organ the bigges the judge they will definitely deliver justice so the temple of justice is not the horn the temple of justice is law school that’s what he gave the message to me I remember those words and I promised him that sir I will be in empathy getting this message though he is not in the world today but he’s important I know that he’ll judgments when you read when the deceptions in case where he has interpreted the powers of cabinet whatever President of India when it was Monica Gandhi when he said about right in life an article 21 of the Indian Constitution that was the club in sipping tea I don’t know how medium maybe there just is we have reached I have gentlemen it was said that if we just increase and judgment you open the dictionary and read the words it was such a difficult rush to understand the judgments if you even now us openly the judgment is Monica Gandhi every word care in the different meeting he was a master of literature in English he was a politician straightaway elevated as the death of Supreme Court of India he had that kind of stretcher he was a politician but then he became the judge of the supreme world India direct elevation and he gave the modern judgments you read no judgments you will have to keep dictionary aside he was such a fan of eminence in literature and in all their works in the Nazi Party which all of you know which gave the environmental Jews products to us and from there we staggered precautionary principles and sustainable development he said and I quote that judges shall not sit in the ivory towers they must go and see in the ground that what is happening and he said in the fancy party is that everybody is having right of clean environment he said that you just shall go and see what is happening on the words how the people are living what is the conditions of life if they are sitting in the courtroom they do not understand what is happening it is not only politician shall go and talk to the four people but just also can’t do it and he set an example he went there he taught me these guys saw the situation on the ground and then give the judgment that right of clean environment is the punishment he has given various segments the effect and we all know justice Krishna is contribution in criminal jurisprudence and he was the first person to say that faith is the rule Janey’s negative maybe is the right jail with the exception we whenever we see an accused person we want that the person should be said again the bars but we do not consider that there may be a case which is a false case and in those cases what will happen to the family members of that particular queues what will happen to the relatives of that particular accused which is not even they even use his reputation you may use all kind of means freedom which is provided or not it has been given Athenian Constitution so he said that day is a moon jail is the exception he said that the rule of law must keep pace with the rule of life what is important is rule of law emotions does not matter what is matter No and therefore even if he sees a man selling contact men the bonus even girl whilst up there again that emotion doesn’t matter whatever people say doesn’t matter what is evidence what is the law that is important and therefore he got the benefit of the law and Salman is free as you know that his appeal is pending but then is the gate that really is the rule in is the exception and that is we have Krishnaiah and also say written behind bars is part of our constitutional interest if walks are too important to be left to the children’s surely prisoners right are too precious to be left in the jailers this is what he said and he was indeed a great judge who stood even in emergency and he refused to give stay to the judgment of internal Gandhi where are these election was set aside he said there are not going to be instated that the particular gentleman he was very cold judge he did not feel that that type of political compulsion Stefani that particular time and he has a render business landmark judgments which have already voted many things which I can say but finally he say that everyone should have put in fear and that fear shall be only of humanity let us serve the humanity then you see that humanity never dies let us see that you all give us is to each one of us each one of us we give justice for everybody we will be happy and we will follow the Constitution in total spirit this margin since we are mission I am and therefore we thought of having justice be efficient I have no moral lecture we are having a thespian bubble tea international good for competition or you know that these two are the legacy stuff and no when I used to eat these judgments I used to be very much happy that I don’t know whether I can beat them or not but that God has given me opportunity to meet both of them I’ve met the sisters now here we see the award from him and this is the end but what he came to this topology three times for justice pian Parvati International Food Code competition so such of the legends if you get those blessings love means they’re just definitely you get an extra edge in your life and I hope and I believe that seniors Enders who have seen the world and human justice definitely change in the quality of my nigga