iWriter – How to Start Writing Articles

hello and welcome to our writer today we’re going to show you how to use the website that gives you the quickest fastest and easiest way to make money writing on the Internet and this short tutorial I’m going to take you through all the different aspects that a writer needs to know in order to use this site now the first thing you want to do is you want to go to the top of the page and click the write content button or you can click the make money by writing articles button both of these buttons they’re going to take you to the exact same spot so I’m going to click this one right here and we’re going to get started now what this page does is it outlines all the different articles that are currently available to be picked up by writers now if you look there’s writers earnings over here and you’re going to notice that some of these are highlighted these are highlighted in blue some of them are highlighted in yellow and the ones on the bottom are not highlighted at all these top projects are reserved for elite writers and premium writers now most of you watching this video you’re going to be new to the site so you’re going to be what’s known as standard writers what elite writers and premium writers are is they’ve been on the site awhile they’ve submitted many projects and they’ve got high approval ratings from the people that they’ve submitted to elite writers have a 4.6 or higher star approval rating and premium writers have a 4.0 or higher star approval rating now you guys can get there eventually but you need to submit high-quality projects get high approval ratings and really work to get into these elite statuses and the premium statuses and you’ll notice that up here for a 500 word count article 810 for premium 500 word count 405 for standard 500 word count to 43 so obviously the best writers are going to be the ones who are making the most money on this site but that’s fine you got to start somewhere now if we look you can see all these different projects that are currently open to apply to and you need to get used to finding the right projects that you want to work on and one of the first things you should start looking at are all the different requesters now the different requesters have reviews on them as well they’re rating the writers but the writers are also rating them so if we look at some of these reviews you can see how some of these requesters are being received so this one has a hundred and twenty nine reviews so let’s take a look at him now this requester has an incredibly high overall rating as a five star rating it seems like nearly every writer he’s worked with has had a very positive experience thank you for the quick approval thank you very much I’d love to write more articles for you this requester receives five stars so obviously this would be someone that people would be pretty happy to work with I’m going to go back to the previous page and if you look you can actually see his approval rating on the different projects he’s received this particular requester has approved 162 articles and only rejected 36 with an approval rate of eighty to very high approval rate this particular requester has an approval rate of ninety one hundred and forty nine articles approved only sixteen rejected needless to say if you submit to this requester and you follow of the instructions and you submit a high quality article there is a very good chance of getting approved and winning those writers earnings that they are currently offering for the article now once you’ve picked a project that or a requester that you think you’d like to work with you go over here and you can click this little gray plus sign on the left hand side I’m going to go ahead and click that and it tells you which ones are currently available to be worked on now this particular requester does not have any available right now because a current writer is working on this article he has two hours and 30 minutes left so I’m going to go to a different one I’m going this right here and he currently has one article but it is available to work on it’s a 300 word count article offering one dollar and sixty-two cents now once you’ve chosen which one you want to work on you have these two buttons on the right hand side and go straight to writing the article but we always recommend reading any special instructions from the requester so I’m going to click this now this particular requester is written in German so I’m going to go ahead and pick one right down here bank fraud mortgage hopefully this one’s in English I’ll click the special instructions so this requester very straightforward says that he wants a writing style in a friendly tone the purpose of the article is a website blog and article writing and the only special instructions is that you do your research so they have two articles available one on bank fraud and one on fraud Department so I’m going to pick the bank fraud article and we’ll click write article you see this brings us to the right article page now you should know that every single article that goes through this site is run through copyscape to ensure that is 100 percent 100 percent unique written by you and not taken from other writers off of the internet if something is rejected by copyscape and it has proven that it was written fraudulently then you will be sent a warning after three warnings you will be banned from the website so if we go down the project title bank fraud mortgage category of real estate the keyword bank fraud they want a 500 word count article and the earnings will be two dollars and forty three cents from the moment that you get on this site you have three hours in which to complete this article so time starts ticking as soon as you get on this site always read the project instructions the closer you follow the instructions the more likely it is that your article will be approved and you’ll be able to get those earnings so this one writing style friendly tone website blog do your research when you come down here you can submit your article title now remember you want to start looking back to these instructions if it says a friendly tone then feel free to have a little bit more fun and make a friendlier title if it says professional tone then obviously it’s down to business and you want to just get straight to the point this box right here is where you can write the article body I’m just going to start writing a little bit in here and this is the article if you look here tells you what your word count is now this was a 500 word count article now remember this is a minimum word count you can certainly write more but you cannot write less so this has to be at least 500 words could be more now once you’re all done you could either save as a draft and finish your article later but keep in mind that saving it as a draft does not stop this clock you still have three hours in which to write this article or you can submit the article and it will send it straight to the court straight to the requester now remember you want to only submit the most high-quality articles you can sticking as close to the project instructions as you can because it gives you the greatest advantage toward your article being approved and you can make the most money that you want to add of this site and once you submit the article that’s it it’s out of your hands the requester has 72 hours to either approve or reject your article and that’s all for today hopefully gave some good instruction for you to start using this site start writing articles making your own unique contributions to these websites and blogs and hopefully making as much money as you possible again have a great day