Human Rights Essay Competition Prizes and Responses

we move on to the next segment all those folks who are very interested in receiving these nifty prizes and i have to tell you that i am quite regretful that I was not able to be a participant in this particular exercise but to all those who have participated I want to say congratulations to the winners and a hearty thank you to all of you who took place to part in the essay competition we are going to give out the gifts know what I want to call on mrs. gardenia d’Estaing Richardson she is the coordinator of the National age program and she’s going to assist of course we have to have a minister lie but you’re going to hand out the gifts for me please both of you I don’t know I can sing the stevie wonder song lady in red he didn’t read we’re going to begin with the first category category a that was nine to twelve and as you would have seen in your program the topic was what three solutions would you suggest to your prime minister to ensure equality among the citizens of st. kitts and nevis and so since he has asked to read the essays I’m going to make sure that he gets the suggestions from those nine to twelve year olds who had things to say to our dear Prime Minister the first place winner of the ipad or should I staff on the field please let’s start from the third place and we have for you we got some different prices but they’re just as good as we had advertised and perhaps even better I might want one myself but I’m not in the run in third place Tao or mawali and tau is only nine years old and he is going to receive an acer iconia tablet oh yeah turn around and take your picture towel that’s right say wow in second place and he is only he’s big enough to be lovin kyla case Sutton oh alright we have the president of junkies here and in Jamaica this a small budget illallah and he has won himself a samsung galaxy tablet all right and in first place we have from the Conyers area sciandra Edwards she’s only ten and she is the winner of the apple ipad in this category and i have to tell you it was very interesting you know oh ok all right then she’s a princess for cannibal turn around princess please it was rather interesting to call the winners and to hear their jubilation when they heard their one these prizes and the soy that was that was delightful for me I’ll tell you who said that part though in the next category category b 13 to 17 in third place just 14 years or we have a nick bedford Alec and that topic was in what ways can popular reggae and rap artists play a leading role in promoting human rights and equality for all in second place we have Lee Anne waters and she’s 17 years old and she wins herself the samsung galaxy tab and in in first place we have all the way from across the waters and yes we had participants from Nevis evaro Simmons and the batter is only 14 years old yes and he won himself the Apple in this category and now for our adult category 18 years and older they were to write on discrimination of any sort or in any form infringes on human rights and is detrimental to human development in any place are you for or against this statement and that’s an a-type oh dear they had to write not a hundred words but at least a thousand no no no third place we have mr. Boris Connor yes I mr. Connick hard way back to find out what the phrase was again mr. Connor you get yourself a lovely is iconia tablet in second place and this is rather interesting is an 18 year old who is the brother of the second place winner in the previous category so Patrick Walters and Leon will accept it for him as he has journeyed to university but i’m sure he be back for Christmas and he want his Christmas ticket so clearly lots of writing goes on in that house good and in first place and this is a gentleman I just met recently having to call him about the and i have to tell you he’s quite a delight some chopped his name is mr. O’Neill Simpson and he is the winner of the Apple that he’s been coveting for many years what has been saying that he didn’t need and the Lord came along and said here it is and I have to tell you that I think it’s of note that in this category 18 and older all the winners are meal it means men are still reading and writing here in our Federation and I’m very happy about that right minister absolutely now we have we have consolation prizes for other gendai it than is that you joined I yes genda is here and Jen died he was a contestant in the first category category a are there are any other participants in the essay competition I know the winners on site but any others no but gender is he and gender is actually tells all the sister and she was a practice apart as well so we have something for you jen died thank you very much and we are going to call on the winners in each of the categories to give a few words of response so first sciandra Edwards good evening to everyone I was glad to be given the opportunity to display my writing skills I really believe that God created all people equal and that all people should be treated equally and fairly thanks to all have made this evening possible and well sweet yes Thank You sciandra and next we have from Nevis our young budding writer llevado Simmons good evening I would just like to say thank you to the Ministry of Health and our sponsors that’s made it possible to promote human rights in our Federation and I think that it was a very good idea to keep the essay competition because it helps the participants learn more about human rights and I hope that the Ministry of Health would continue their campaigner so that everyone else in the Federation would also learn a lot about their human rights and next we have O’Neill Simpson and i have to tell you he’s a man of many words good ones good words and quite delightful words as well as Madame master of ceremonies allow me to adopt the protocol that has been extended thus far this evening with my superlative greetings to the members at the head table ladies and gentlemen it is a singular privilege and very humbling one to be able to give words at this occasion I must indicate how pleased I am I think being the only non native in this experience to have the opportunity in very true non discriminatory fashion mind you to actually participate and i think i would have to certainly point out that at this particular point in time in our Caribbean experience I think we really can appreciate how important the need is for the articulation and more importantly the defense of Human Rights this very week from Jamaica to Guyana we have seen very significant incidence of the violation of human rights and I think that we in the Federation have a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the efforts that are being made to continue to ensure that everyone’s rights are defended and those rights are made known to public I really want to just reiterate my thanks to the organizers to the panelists to the judges all the person persons who had something to do with making this experience a success and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and the tip four fingers okay what we have surely and well-received let me thank you so much for your time and we sure get some people thank you so much O’Neill