How to write criminal law essay on washington state bar exam

hi I’m Alex bisous with quick tips on how to write a good essay passing essay on criminal law for the Washington State Bar Exam when you go to the call of the question there and you see what felonies parties can be charged with right there you see it’s the criminal law horse race SI with 15 to 18 issues sometimes like 19 issues I saw once so you have to be very quick very precise you know don’t waste your space don’t waste your time on that essay it is just like an intentional torts essay so if there are two people there you know Bob and Angie and they’re in the bar discussing let’s rob a next-door jewelry store aha so you have your ink wait offenses you have anticipatory offenses a complicity I mean conspiracy attempt solicitation if complicity if the if the go there together you discuss complicity if it’s there accessory before the fact after the fact do that and no pink and pink curtain rule is adopted and Washington remember that after that you jump into the substantive crimes I remember them by the mnemonic homicidal breakfast on drugs so homicide burglary robbery extortion assault kidnapping for GD arson sex crimes drugs theft offenses and you know sex crimes I have never seen tested you know on those practice essays that they give you the Washington Bar Examiners but I studied them and it was not tested on my bar exam probably it will not be tested but study them anyway now they will give you extra points for smaller crimes and watch out for these smaller crimes that are not like in general review course and these smaller crimes are vehicle crimes you know drive-by shooting for example criminal trespass in burglary it’s just being on the premises unlawful East remaining or entering the premises without an intent to commit a crime there and resisting an arrest or reckless endangerment that would be in a South situation unlawful imprisonment it’s another crime and don’t confuse it with the false imprisonment port so unlawful imprisonment is a crime address it you will collect that half a third of a point harassment making unlawful threats it’s a crime now in sex crimes you may see like exploitation you no malice tation or sexual misconduct with a minor or prisoner motor vehicle as assault or motor vehicle theft and the gun theft remember is always a second-degree crime possession of a firearm that also can be a minor crime now when you’re done with crimes address defenses I address them as they appear so if bob was intoxicated in that bar so it’s the intoxication defense right there involuntary investigation is the defense but not voluntary one insanity duress necessity are most commonly tested in addition to intoxication I advise you to do at least ten essays on criminal law I did a little bit less eight essays have to be good you know to gain confidence when you study and of course do between 1 and 100 essays on on all subject areas and about 50 s essays on ethics study my outline listen my quick reviews in the beginning listen my lectures this is all for free available on my website and when you are done in your last week like last day study with quickly views and write those essays and you will be okay I wish you all the best on your bar exam is successful in everything you do thank you for your time bye bye

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