How to write business law essay on washington state bar exam

hi I’m Alex bisous with quick tips on how to write a passing essay on business law on the Washington State Bar Exam the most important thing that you understand is that on the bar exam breath not depth is the key you have to do the short room statements and you have to understand how they test so they test business law either agency plus partnership or agency plus LOC that will be one sa another say maybe the corporation SI the fullest say it can be Jeff loc and two corporation essays it can be one corporation sa and one agency sa a little bit of partnership so they they may play with that sometimes agency in this point yet superior or vicarious liability appears on tort SI and you will have LLL CSA and the corporation essay on business law but on any business law essay you will hit first formation of an entity any entity after that there will be some contributions you know a be Bob and Donna and Sam decided to do a business together so Sam had an expertise in bakery and Donna had ten thousand dollars to invest so she was a limited partner something like that so you discuss contributions by members partner shareholders and their authority some of them will be doing something you know entering into Lee sending a contractor hiring someone so that will be the agency law that you will have to discuss after that there will be directed shareholders liabilities if it’s a duty of loyalty on on corporations that you discuss that most likely they will test you on withdrawal and consequences if there is a dissolution invoke that or or a partner is dissociated you will have to know that sometimes it’s a third of an assess on withdrawal and consequences of withdrawal liability Pearson corporate veil piercing LLC bail if there are some death involved most likely you will see that distribution and the order of payments liabilities first after that the distribution of capital back to the partner stuff that remaining profits are distributed according to the partnership agreement if there are two essays on corporations one essay will be like an advanced corporate stuff maybe shareholder voting you know notice requirements this timing requirements and some minority shareholders will be disadvantaged and that sa all fundamental changes merger will at work now my advice to you is to do 15 to 20 practice essay I did 19 essays during my study force this is my practice book i hand-wrote my bar exam I advise you to do the same you will be one of 50 people in the room not one of five hundred can start with my very short outline and my very short lectures deity the audio lectures that I have there about like two to three hours my outline is two and a half pages look my partnership section for the outline is that much you don’t need more and this is the exactly how you should write your answer this is the sixty to seventy percent of your actual answer is in that outline it’s a rule statement outline it’s not like outline with a bullet points you know ten page outline for subject area I couldn’t I didn’t have a luxury of overwhelming myself with those long studies you know I finished law school in two years and took the bar exam three weeks after my graduation and I started five month before the bar exam you know doing practice essays I did 180 essays on subsidy of law and 41 on ethics I advise you to do between 100 and 150 in order to ensure that that you will be within seventy percent of passers all the best of luck on your bar exam be successful and everything you do thank you for your time see you in my next video bye

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