how to write a thematic essay

now what after you are finished writing your somatic statement and figuring out the theme of the book that you are working with our the text that you are working with you can start writing a rest if we skip down to number five here number five write your outline going to show you a sample of overview outline after you’ve written your outline then you want to write your introduction this outline helps you to write your essay and keep it organized and keep it focused which is one of the areas on the rubric that your teachers will be looking for so here’s an overview you always want to start with an introduction your second third and fourth body paragraphs are going to focus on one literate literary element beach and you’re going to provide textual evidence for that literary element and how it supports your central theme or your pneumatic statement then your last paragraph now I’m going to show you how to write an introduction for your somatic essay the first thing that you need to do is to make a broad statement about your subject going back to using loneliness or of mice and men I don’t want to mention the author or the title of the book or my theme automatic statement in the first sentence that’s giving away way too much you always want to start out broad it’s a topic sentence so we’re introducing our reader to the subject for the topic so here’s my example loneliness is something that all humans can relate to you can also pull in a quote from somebody famous to Google quotes and loneliness or something like that you can also use a quote to start your essay with the second thing you need to do is ask yourself what are some examples of how loneliness is something that all humans can relate to or how can I further explain and elaborate on my first sentence what is important about the subject to humankind or to the subject itself so whenever I’m writing the next two or three sentences those are the questions I asked myself here’s an example all human beings want in life is to have companionship loneliness can make one feel like others do not care about them and this is our biggest fear it is important to have companionship to give one a sense of belonging so number one the bold sentence loneliness is something they all relate to and then I move into elaborating and giving examples and telling my loneliness so important to humans number two then that would be put together number three going to make a brief connection to the book author and either the plot or the characters here’s my example again one two and three would all be the same introduction this can certainly be seen in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck all the major characters suffer from loneliness and do their best and flee from it so I’ve made a brief connection I have not given any details I’ve not given any textual evidence I’ve not made an argument yet that’s come last your argument comes last and that is your thesis or your thematic statement in those terms interchangeably so number for the last sentence of your introduction is your pneumatic statement therefore the central theme stake there the central theme of mice and men is that loneliness drives people to search for companionship and unlikely ways that’s my controlling idea whatever you see a Regents examine that says controlling idea that’s a somatic statement therefore the central theme of mice and men is that loneliness drives people to search for companionship and unlikely ways so when you look at number one number two number three and number four that would all be put together in one paragraph I’ve separated it out for you so that you can see the steps that I’ve taken but again it would be all one paragraph hey now I’m going to show you how to write the body paragraph writing and s it can be very mathematical if you have a structure if you have the formula you can put together a well-organized focus well thought out si so the body paragraph is going to again focus on one literary device or element your first sentence should have the literary device mentioned the author and a connection to the theme so in this paragraph I’m going to be talking about characterization after you write a topic sentence with a paragraph with a literary device the author the theme the next sentence that comes are examples from the book their actual overall examples they’re mentions their actions there is on summary part ok their examples we you want to give more specific details and if you have a text in front of you to prepare use a quotation that demonstrates for example or further explain it definitely want to get into the nitty-gritty very small details to prove it this is the central c letter c after you have given examples and maybe a quotation and some very specific details then you want to explain the quote or the details and give any necessary background talk about any underlying meaning that might be there and i’ll show you an example a few minutes letter D we always want to relate your examples back to your thematic state explain how these examples relate to the thematic statement how are these according your argument for that central theme and make sure you explain that thoroughly don’t just say this relates to the theme explain how here’s an example of a body paragraph that I’ve labeled the parts for you that relieve back to this outline for a body paragraph so if you see Roman numeral two this is Roman one here but same idea here’s my topic sentence one literary device that Steinbeck uses to develop the theme that hopes and dreams can bring people together an unlikely ways is characterization I’ve kind of switched my theme giving you an example of a different theme that’s okay hopes and dreams can bring people together as my feet in chapter 4 so letter A effect give me examples from the book in chapter 4 the reader learns a lot about Brooks sign back characterizes him as being an aloof proud an educated man he is ostracized from society due to the skin color and that causes him to be distant and in fact he demands his distance from others when he realizes that the dream candy describes can come true he offers himself to be part of it so here I’m giving specific details things that I could pull right off of a page letter B if you have the text as you are preparing here is a coke he says from says if you guys want a hand to work for nothing just escape why come lend a hand and now see I’m explaining it going back see I’m explaining it and giving any necessary background or underlying meaning moments ago so I’m giving background here he was scornful toward the idea and he had never seen someone accomplished 108 I’m going to reflate these examples back to my cynic statement now he offers to work for free because he so badly wants to be a partner drink this goes back to how hopes and dreams can bring people together the dream for him as a black man with me companionship and freedom now I’m relating it into deeper meaning i’m getting into the deepness of what Brooks really wants in life here neither of which he has at this time it gives him a sense of hope and brings crooks and candy together in fact this causes them to night together and stand up to Carly’s wife and I’m giving even more of an analysis the dream of being free unites crooks candy and Lenny and they briefly become unlikely friends so I pulled it all together I’ve analyzed it given the deeper meaning pretty much pointed all the way back to my somatic statement and this is why without saying this why but this is my all these details the examples prove it