How to Write a Research Paper | Law School Vlog

hey guys okay so welcome to my Friday it’s here at the school just left my student audit advisor meeting with my academic advisor and I am on the track for graduation in May there’s so much I can’t okay okay guys uh sorry I kind of cut off after that last clip I just wanted to get back home so that I could talk to you guys um so basically with what happened this morning was I went and to meet with my student advisor my academic adviser to go over the final things I need to know before I graduate she went over my transcript and went over the remaining credits that I need in order to graduate I only have seven left which is about three classes for next semester and then also when I need to apply for graduation when I need to apply for the bar and what bar prep course of course is I’m going to be course I’m gonna be taking so yeah that’s basically what the meeting was about this morning I’m all clear I’m on track for a timely graduation graduation will be May 15th and I’m really excited in addition to that today I’m focused on homework I’m focused on getting my continue to work on excuse me continuing to work on my research paper I’m trying to make huge dent in that this weekend I’m trying to get as close to 25 pages as possible this weekend so I’m hoping that I can sit down focus and do all that right now I’m doing some reading for a mind sexual property course and taking a look at my planner to you know try and get organized um what else is going on right now that’s mainly just the things Tony and I are about to go and get manicure I’m gonna get a manicure and pedicure and I think he’ll probably get a pedicure as well just want to take some time out this weekend to just you know do things with him and relax and not stress out so much I really have a lot on my plate right now with all the work that I have to do for school and it’s been a lot lately I’m trying to like just balance everything and also make sure I’m taking care of myself so to you know take some time out of the day to kind of go and get a manicure and a pedicure you guys know I love to get my nails done so you know that’s a good thing tonight I’ll just be doing homework and burning some candles and just trying to relax and put myself in a space where I’m in the zone you know that’s mainly what’s going on right now so I guess I’ll take you guys along when we go to get our nails done or I will get my nails done hey guys I’m back okay so you saw us get our nails toes done I got my nails done I’m just got a nude you know me I’m all about the nudes so that’s what the head of the nails look yeah that’s really nice I like that I like the color um so yeah I’m about to study here in the computer lab always finish my reading for the week I was reading at the nail salon so I got more than halfway done so that was actually surprising so I’m gonna continue to read and take notes and stuff like that and I will be back hi guys okay so guess who was a blatte a bad vlogger again this one right here so basically this weekend was a weekend of pure work I did nothing but I really just hang out with family hang out with Tony and my paper that’s pretty much all I did and I really to be honest with you guys like I’m don’t regret it I’m about seven pages into my paper of 25 and um I didn’t get asked for along in my papers I wanted to this weekend but I made a really good dent and I think I’m getting into my zone with it so I feel like it’s gonna the rest of it I feel is gonna come very easily other than that I am probably I have been really productive today so I did my bankruptcy and creditors assignment I’ve been working on my cyberspace law paper I’ve no prepped I made myself lunch I cleaned up the entire apartment my cousin is getting married next weekend so we will be going to her wedding next Friday in Philadelphia and so I picked out my dress for what I’ll be wearing I’ll be wearing a really pretty dress for the wedding that weekend and then I have some job applications I’ve been filling out too so I’ve got a lot on my plate I’m trying to do several thousand things at one time but it’s been good it’s been really good I’ve got some chicken parmesan crock-pot chicken parmesan working in the crock-pot and I’ve been really productive today so I feel very very good I feel very like refreshed and ready to start another week and get into the groove of just being as productive as possible and yeah so that’s where I’m at with things right now I think I’m probably gonna end this vlog here I’ll guess I show you a little bit of my paper um you know y’all see I got my candles going to right here and watching Judge Judy but yeah like I’ve got I’ve worked oh I’ve been working on some of my paper and yet things are coming to coming together really well I’m really happy about how diligent I’ve been with just like staying focused on things and so I hope you guys are too and I hope you guys are off to a good start for this week as well I’m gonna probably edit and upload this vlog right now today is Monday by the way if you don’t know so happy Halloween to you guys that don’t really celebrate Halloween like that but to those of you who do celebrate happy Halloween hope you guys are having a safe and happy day um so yeah I’m gonna edit and upload this so you guys can have this for the week there’s no main idea for this particular video just me doing work and trying to get things done and crossed off the list I don’t you remember when I stopped blogging last but yeah whatever I’m just gonna go ahead and get this up I hope you guys um are feeling good oh so one of the things about writing a research paper just having all your sources in one place I made an outline for this particular paper I guess I could show you hold on so here is my outline for my paper I did an inductor introduction and then I have all of the different sections of my paper that are going to be talked about in the paper so I kind of outlined what I was going to be doing how I was gonna do it and then I had all my sources kind of listed out with the particular books or websites or whatever else I was going to be using to do this paper so I have everything in one place and I know where to go from one section to the next so it’s really good and really easy that’s how I’ve been able to really focus on what I’m doing and not feel kind of scattered cuz it’s the heart is about hardest part about writing a paper is starting really in my opinion so for me once I get going I’m good to go was just getting started that’s the hardest part also last time I think I was blogging was on Friday after my advisor aporia appointment um I signed up for my bar prep course so I made a pretty chunky deposit on that for those of you who don’t know on average why prep courses are about three thousand dollars give or take depending on how early you sign up in your law school career so I have made a pretty hefty deposit on that um so and that’s around the corner I’m able to apply for graduation I think I told you guys all this before I’m able to apply for graduation and I’m really excited for everything things are happening so fast this is week 11 I’m getting this is this right now is week 11 of 14 for this semester and we’re getting down to crunch time where it’s time for my final series to start kicking in soon so I’m gonna keep the videos coming you guys seem to be loving these videos so thank you guys so much for your support don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll probably be back later on this week with another video so I will talk to you guys soon love you bye