How To Offer article writing On Fiverr Without Being A writer

hi in this guide we are going to learn how to make money easily and faster on Fiverr by writing articles even when you don’t know how to write for instance I for one I don’t know how to write why I can’t speak so how do you offer our services or vertical writing or fire okay now Africa writing is one of the best and the author of category in Fiverr that you can use to make money like for instance I can just do I can such writen and articles so it will it will give you ideas of the number of people who need other services on article writing okay so how do you offer the service when you don’t know how to write how to write good content and the rest ok we do what we call 5r arbitrage what is a patrasche simply means is that you look for content writers outside of fiber they are writing good and quality content for cheap fee then you pay for the service that you now listed at Pfizer okay so initially the basic tools you need to do here is for you to deposit some little funds and it’s like $10 or $20 when you are starting so that whenever they place an order on Fiverr you just use the money and place order in where you get this ship content okay so for instance now if we look at let’s say article article writer okay so it could be on any topic okay so I can say it’s equal rights and bitcoin guest post okay article writer and guest posts okay and all that so you just such and you see okay so once you’ve gotten the article that you want to write and then let me click on my catalyst okay so once you get the topic now you want to write a probability topic that your buyer wants you to write about so you can solicit it also to your press release we are proofreading and edited we have created right and we ugly goo writers and the rest you can’t go out to write on this okay so what we do is that we all suffered okay so this is actually called arbitrage so you get it for cheap then so like look at this one I will write original effective content for $5.00 he has about 22,000 plus reviews that is during 2000 people have actually bought it and says it’s okay so most of these guys who see the door rights district 2000 articles I know that what it do is that they are so alley outsourced okay it is actually called arbitrage so when do I get this content at a very cheap rate and resell it yay okay so this is how it works there is this website it is called content max calm okay so once you get to content marketers calm all you need to do is to register they place an order okay so you place and all that based on what your your customer at five I need okay you you get it so you can actually see the uprising they are pricing varies on the quality of writer okay so what I write lies is good moreover you also check the content you give it to your client to check and approve don’t see why your clients I approve this before you did it so you can see now this is the apprised wondering 50 words it’s as 0.9 by this writing standard and there is the we have the experience and all that okay so the experience write 500 words or five dollars the inexpertly it experience from my my services with them the standards are very good most of these guys who call themselves experienced and verified on all that when they started they all started from standard so from this time that you get an a very experienced writer now right for you as a very good 300 words which is like the span that for 1.8 dollars okay after this website so once you get to the website all you need to do is just to register so once you register on the website you just okay I’ve already ok avid dummy account already with my main account so you can register so let me see if I can just like logged in with my my dummy account here okay I have like three accounts with them time using a muscle that that there are content rights as I issues and all those places where and any amount you please actually beat in that country okay so you can actually and just load them I think my internet is a little bit slow here okay so you can see it so when you lock them all you need to do you can just deposit some basic funds so that you will be looking for funds whenever you have customers from Fiverr so make sure you deposit like twenty dollars or ten dollars okay gets one article from one of the writers to test the app to commit us good and the joy about it they give you a copy space life accounts where you can check if the content is verified in the content is claimed it doesn’t be used anywhere in the world before you give this to your customers and that’s okay so I would need to do a just to place an order based on the specifications the your buyer gives you at five are okay so you just list your content then people will be there you just choose one choose the I written and then you get it’s easy so you can actually deposit funds in the site directly from your credit cards anywhere in the world or you can do PayPal deposits okay so this is that’s about content smart okay so it’s actually a good site and they usually they know for some time to get good quality cheap articles and all that okay so that is that about contentment you can also do another links to is actually called voice transcriptions what it does is that you can go to five if somebody needs and actually cool I know that so let’s say for instance somebody late I’m at school also the focus of these days I know that I can go to content curation contents website like and such okay so let’s say I want to write on any of the topic and let’s say working from home and all that so you can read these articles read elsewhere you get the point then you just pick on your phone or your microphone for like a minute or two and a minute you can speak up to 150 to 250 words depending on our WR and all that so once you get your words ready you can just go to this website and pay just $1 professionals all over the world converted into text for you so you can also use this to go and deliver the service to at them five a dot-com so this is also another ways to there are several ways there are several websites you can go and get cheap content actually for God xeo clucksten so you can actually go to su Clark school and get cheap articles now the rule about using this to make money online fast the most of us gets an article test the article yourself make sure that the content is very clean and all that so when your customers now paid then you now offer the services to as fiver okay now if the content writer as content Martel’s is going to deliver in 24 hours go to five one boots 48 hours which is like three days why am I saying this is some time some tools my Apple maybe delay and all that so in order for you know to the pressure from Fiverr for those who are paid for the service so you add additional day so that when’s this guy deliver and you now deliver to the the guys are pay for the service at 500 K so it makes it easy so this is how you make quick fix writing articles without you learn how to write then also you learn how to write articles which are to being content developer or writer so please kindly like this video and also subscribe to our YouTube channel thank you for watching us