Dr Keith Roberts Vice President of academic editing service TotalEdit.com

hi welcome to inspiration station here on entrepreneur com I’m kersten kloss thank you very much for watching on today’s show we’re going to be focusing on entrepreneurship in academics and my guest today on the show is dr. Keith Roberts dr. Roberts has been a leader in higher education for over 50 years including university professor University planner researcher and vice president of academics at Brigham Young University in Hawaii before he became involved in international higher education well dr. Roberts is passionate about academics and developing nations and has been frustrated with the struggles many authors in these nations have when trying to publish their work since international journalists are all published in the English language it was this fact combined with dr. Roberts passion for education in developing nations that helped really form the idea of total edit com which helps both english-speaking authors as well as those who speak english as a second language edit and publish their work dr. Roberts very interesting career path from you thank you very much for joining us on on the program today I’m pleased to be here and thank you so much for your time also well you’re editing solution services and your international educational institution relationships are impressive can you explain how you took your initial idea and brought it to the international level oh yes you know all of all of my career I have been interested in doing creative things and trying to have an impact in what what I do from my very first job as a math professor I tried to get improvement in what I was doing I got involved in in pride projects that were funded by outside sources so we could do creative things when I got into the university leadership always was looking for ways to do things better and these final years that I’ve been working as a consultant I was impressed with the quality of work that the professor’s were doing in these developing nations I’ve been in most of the nations in Asia and throughout the Pacific and I noticed that all of us in higher education that includes those of us in the UK and in the United States were missing the wisdom of these professors who were doing things but could never get them into the environment where they could be discussed and that that environment was the publishing and international journals hmm well dr. Roberts are you so is the overall most favorite feature that your clients like about the total edit service what they like about total edit service is that we provide first language english speakers as the editors see when you’re in a country like China or Vietnam or Indonesia there will be people on your faculty who will be in the Department of English but it will be second language speakers and so they will fall into the same traps that second language speakers have there’s just certain things that they don’t quite do right when it comes to the written word you’re always best when you have a first language speaker speaker as your editor and we can do that now because of texting so we provide first language speakers as the editors and and how is total edit changing the way your clients right documents basically well one of the things that’s enabling to them to write documents there’s a reluctance there’s a reluctance among scholars in these developing nations because there’s a sense of pride and and they know they don’t get the English language right even though their research is right and so there’s a reluctance to submit to journals that will reject them and a downside of that is that there’s a whole subset of what we call predatory these are academic journals that aren’t credible that will solicit for money journal articles from people in developing nations and so we want to provide the skills so that these people who really have something to say can say it to the people who will really listen which are the folks will read the scholarly journals that are reputable so as an educational entrepreneur what passion and skill set has kept you determined and focused on building strong worldwide brand and product service well I think the thing about it is I saw the need my colleague James Jacob who’s the president of the company he also is an international consultant and he’s done even more work throughout the world he’s done a lot in Africa in addition to Asia and he saw it too and we both came together with identifying this need and when we know there’s a need then we felt like we could satisfy that need and and so we do two things one we encourage people who may have not thought about publishing to publish and then we support them in doing it and I think that helps the quality not only of the professor but it raises this status of the University where the professor works so there’s a lot of is set up yeah I’m sorry there’s a lot of incentive from the point of view of both the professor and the University to have meaningful publication hmm well you’ve you’ve grown quite quite rapidly um how many clients do you have and how did you manage this growth internationally well well our clients we have we have clients in China that in fact are our number one client in China is Peking University which is the number one University in China bite just about everyone’s measure and they have a the Peking University educational review which is a journal that they have been publishing we now are working with and they are publishing that journal in English so the impact of that is all of all of the work that’s being done in China in higher education and higher education will now be available to the broader audience because scholarship and all of the scholarly activities in the Unites in the world right now are pretty much measured through English read through English so that’s that’s one of the important things we’re doing in the case of China and and by helping China we’re helping everyone because we’re giving access to Chinese of scholars work to people who don’t speak Chinese and we have and we also partnerships in Taiwan we have partnerships in Vietnam and we have quite a few partnerships in Indonesia because both James Jacob and I have had experience in Indonesia and there are you have to realize there are literally thousands of universities in these countries yeah the market is huge you know I like to ask this question of my guests here for entrepreneur com because it is entrepreneurial if you could give one piece of advice to other entrepreneurs with all your experience in this international realm what would that be okay i would say be flexible be flexible listen to your client just listen to your client and be wet it ready to adjust what you’re offering adjust your product to meet what the needs are not let to force your preconceived idea into the market listen to the market and and the quicker you respond to it the faster your your company will grow or your idea will grow great feedback well dr. Roberts thank you very much for joining us on the show today it was great hearing you share your experiences thanks for joining us you’re very welcome and I appreciate the time again thank you so much our guest today dr. Keith Roberts check out the website total edit com always an interesting to research shins for you my name is Kirsten class you’re watching inspiration station here on entrepreneur com thank you everyone for watching stay tuned again real soon bye for now