Does the Juvenile System need Natural Law?

is my online presentation for jurisprudence my presentation goes along with my essay that I wrote for jurisprudence is on natural law and justice I am and say I talk about what is natural law how it progressed I talked about legal positives I talked about the juvenile system its history the concept that they wanted to apply in the juvenile system and then how natural law should be implemented a little more into the juvenile system doing a one-on-one interview with someone who has experienced the juvenile system and someone who has experienced the criminal justice system so I felt like that would be an easy way to get someone else’s experience who has actually been in those situations to tell us if there’s actually a difference between juvenile law and criminal justice law or if they have the same kind of principles natural law isn’t the law of science that we call laws of nature natural law refers to the moral theory as well as a legal theory natural law focuses more but on morality and laws being connected and as we know morality is recognized as what is right and what is not considered right which would be wrong so it’s a Aquinas and bodies this one or common principle in it to do good and to avoid evil this is on orders from the divine from time and how put connected with that connected with morality and connected with laws we should all come to being the best who you can be and by doing that not only will we make ourselves happy but we will also make a community around us better positivism and that is a legal theory that believes that a law can be flawed but it’s still considered law it’s based not on reason not on human rights are not on design with the by commands it is socially constructed and its norms animated by the legislature and considered as common law so legal positivism focuses more on manmade laws instead of laws coming from the divine the juvenile system has taken not the natural always but the legal positivism way and their theory is in order to help these juveniles they need to apply these human man-made laws and it all comes from different Sciences social behaviors behaviors from a culture but he lives from being like in a bad situation and how they can approve them to be able to make them better citizens for the government their juvenile system has been out for quite some time now but in the 19th century they were trying to make a new system for justice for the juveniles the whole concept to the juvenile system was to face their legal doctrine on parents patria and that’s a Latin term before parents of the country so this doctrine gave the states of power to serve as a guardian in this theory the court system was trying to focus on the best intent about the child it was informal there was not at first real it was flexible approaches and it was a way to debilitate these kids it was all based on a rehabilitation program sadly those poles have kind of diminished and now the juvenile system has become adversary’ now there is due process and there is child forgery and how these children these juveniles are experiencing kind of process as they would if they were convicted as an adult in the Criminal Procedure a paper I focused on how natural law should be more of a basis for the juvenile system these large kids either juveniles they still have time to learn their brains are still developing and if we could tape those these support systems and make them lured into showing them what’s good and what’s bad basing it on world characters showing them that if they were to be able to pursue good then they would probably feel much better about themselves instead of just treating them as they’re criminals already the lack of not being able to rehabilitate these children is from lack of resources and it’s very understandable but I also think that there is also different ways if we instead of looking to legal positivism using rules that govern these kids that are man-made why not teach them about something that is from a divine because if God is a creator he created us and he knows us so he knows exactly what we need they need to keep us in order now we weren’t created by man some man is flawed and man doesn’t know exactly what to do man doesn’t have the exact list of my scotland’s today I want to bring in and he is going to give us a little insight about how the juvenile system work and how he felt as as he was in the juvenile system and how he compares it to the criminal justice system so here have Jacob and I’m gonna ask him a couple questions about the juvenile system and so take up you’ve been a juvenile system before the system is pretty corrupt there’s you know the people that haven’t been inside of it don’t really know what goes on if you have never been caught up in the system there’s a lot of good and bad – but I stopped place for anybody to meet you know but you make choices you got to community there’s a lot of fires sometimes you don’t get sleep valve is one other than that everybody’s just trying to get the time gonna go forward by some people a lot of time even if you TV they have different courts you trusty wish to go in the kitchen or laundry you know give stuff to cut the time down my stuff you know so to make when you get like a thin mat too much it’s taking the back hurts stuff like that and people if you have like a special diet get some food get three meals a day you know it’s a lot better you know because people are more mature at that age and they uh you know they’re not young and crazy long so I’ll keep it isn’t they’re trying to get your time done when they’re older you know and they don’t plan on coming back we have programs to help you yeah yeah and if you get out get out probation or something they’ll give you classes to attend and you know they’ll help you better yourself you know or we have all that stuff and that’s the juvenile system takes everything facilitation approach yeah yeah because they help you bottles and stuff in there you know as your decision you know people have their own beliefs and stuff like that for me when I was in there I look to the bottle through make my Mondragon stuff so fairways I think I could do it better but you know like folks you’re better and give you but they treat everybody saying that you know if you’re in here for your first time or you’re a repeat offender because they don’t want to see like this for you know my picture they’re not my opinion but facts cuz I’ve been through this so all the guards you know some cool one but they all just they don’t get that you like Hamilton ever you know at the juveniles this stuff should take a natural law coach or a keep it is that well because natural laws naturally you’re not forcing somebody it’s like different you know so in a few in your and Julie you did be taught naturally earlier in life then you might people nowadays might be a more follow walls better you know the end to our interview a nice one I think they get for assisting us in this online presentation thank you