I think happy no focus for that whole clip it’s really need to be where they just will actually sit in the car for like really just something confident you use and waste time because I literally do not want to continue do thinking about course you need please just like think about the amount of work that’s involved because I was so naive to think that uni was just literally gonna be like Macy’s mess and that uni is actually so hard this jacket is wrong and the salesy – I’ll actually love it but I feel so obnoxious we know he did that I think like everyone’s just like who is this orange jacket so I’m not gonna go ahead and I’ll try and film some mats when I’m an uni Pam but literally I’m so embarrassed and I’m sitting in my car so I don’t know how I’m gonna be when I’m actually done there I’m hoping to get like a little bit so I can just kind of set and do my own thing and just power through this it’s literally doing like three weeks now and as ruining my life barely see my friends really doing anything it’s just it’s really hard like as a lot and as a lot mentally I think a lot of people don’t really vote what is that doing this it’s all Bentley doing and like you think you’re not good enough you think what your rating is wrong and there’s no D really there to be like you know what that’s right and what you’re doing makes sense because my supervisor obviously has lots of other people that she’s helping out so she can’t just like one on one with me all the time but just read enough but it also means that it’s literally so hard to just like do things on your own and try and make sense of everything but I’m just gonna head on I keep looking at myself in the viewfinder I’m so sorry but I literally have never used this comment until today so yeah I feel like because people are gonna be watching me like I don’t care but I also just don’t like people watching me cuz usually I’m so used to set the motor literally by myself so yeah but it’s currently 1:00 p.m. and get my stuff together and we’re doing a few notes last night do today and drop some sweets and stuff to to teach and with me and obviously a gallon of water because probably gonna die of dehydration and anxiety interest so I will catch up with you guys and [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh my god oh so cold so the time is currently twenty past seven and I lasted approximately six not seven hours at liability which I’m gonna get complicated every time I come like that but that’s what happens every single time I create library I literally feel soul like a shell of my own humans oh so I wants to get like 4,000 more Santa thing I got 3,700 so I’m literally so happy but it’s it’s always like you do so much but there’s still so much more that you can do and so I’m literally just sitting here at my brain is like thinking about all the stuff that I still have to do and was anyone else in this rotation it’ll actually feels like it’s just I’m sorry it’s so dark as well just feel like it’s a never-ending cycle of like you get somewhere but you’re not quite there and it’s literally freezing in my car but it’s just such a freakin pro so it’s like I knew that fourth year was gonna be hard to get you know I’ll actually had no idea that it was gonna be so hard I’m sorry it’s not five degrees I hate him but I do feel like that was like quite after doctor session like I’m quite pleased with myself and then we go home and we don’t work that’s the circle of life at uni and but all I can think about right now is the fact that I’ll actually have two months left totally just under two months left and then we’re good to go we’re done like I don’t want to get to Santa man’s Lindsay but uni has literally been the fastest experience of my whole entire life like school seems like a distant memory but first you’d of uni I can’t can barely even remember it feels like so long ago but this is the point now where you start to feel saw care overwhelmed because soon I’m gonna have that job and well I’ve already been looking for a job it’s just a lot of stress I don’t know one scene that’s all right but yeah it’s really just and I do this all the time like I think happy no focus for that whole clip but I think like if you’re thinking about going to uni like a hundred percent go for it it’s okay it’s worthwhile but it’s just a lot and I think people what the hell don’t want to think that I feel like I see so much negative is here on social media about people who go to uni but it’s just like it’s just uni I mean I don’t know why people are so bothered about the fact that people want to basically go to extra skill I mean why I thought that was gonna be a good idea ever I don’t know but even aware and got my first conversation honestly this is like a full slide reading I can see someone running on the chat bell and that’s what I should be doing right now but that’s another thing actually being at uni I have neglected the gem and stuff so much to the point where obviously I have like graduation I’ll have like graduation Bowl all I can think about is how much of a giant potato I’m gonna be so not only will I have made hurt stress anxiety from this dissertation I’ll also be a fat man like absolutely not nice prom prom graduation mock skill brain unibeam we need to like definite you and I have enjoyed this vlog I hope you have too and that’s the kind of thing that you like to see on my channel then please let me know I’m working on getting set up so that I can drive and chat to you because that’s the main thing I want to do it but unfortunately I don’t have any YouTube friends who can help me house I’m literally right in the scheme soul and trying to figure things out on my own which is really hard I suppose I’ll be a boss ah by the end of it and I will let you know the enter names so that begins yeah a letter I’m rambling so much in my car is getting so hot for me chatting and not driving so we know how to end the vlog like who doing the vlog and yeah I really hope you enjoyed that so I’m assuming meals like my face also if anyone wants like a Carter or like tips on buying your first car I’ll actually love talking about stuff like that so if you want to know some detail on that let me know cuz that’s car as my little child and I love to talk about my fans gathered base and stuff that it’s important in life and not just stuff like boys you’re not important but yeah I hope you enjoyed this video I’m gonna go home and look at the footage it’s probably gonna be unusable because I’m lucky such an awkward towards but that’s okay at least have like dabbled in the flocking you don’t want so thank you all so much for watching I love y’all so much and maybe we’ll see each other again and another look [Music]