Criminal Theory presentation

growing your own success my presentation is going to be on performing to prevent death by low-income families and disadvantaged communities start off I’m gonna say quote coming together is a beginning keeping together is progress working together is success by Edward Hale so why is that occurring low-income families and disadvantaged neighborhoods often have trouble seeking and obtaining jobs because of this they feel that them is still in order to provide for themselves and their families but why can’t they obtain jobs these disadvantaged communities are often communities of color who are often discriminated against they sometimes did not finish their education or cannot speak English they’re pushed into these disadvantaged neighborhoods which in turn made them undesirable to work someone looking for jobs the minority groups the poor minority groups already at a disadvantage because they may be uneducated and be Qinglin doesn’t earn they commit theft in order to get what they need so what is the program the program is a partnership with a local grocery store for this presentation we’ll be using whole foods so basically farms would employ low-income adults and teens and they will look they will work together to build a farm plant crops and set everything up and with this they and are not only making money because they are working but they would be able to take home the imperfect foods so the imperfect food to be ones that they are unable to sell or distribute because maybe there’s a bump on them or the foods that just people would leave behind so then individuals are able to take these foods the student home and putting food on the table and then being able to save money for other items and in turn reducing deaths because they are spending less and saving more with this program individuals also be learning life skills and skills to help them move on to other jobs and they would be able to move up learn other positions in this farming program or be able to create their own farms they can grow their own food basically you know this program would help a lot to create a beneficial like management system in order to help others learn how to manage themselves maybe work in a teamwork dynamic and thus be able to use the skills they learned there into other positions or jobs this program would also create more jobs because more farms and food is being made which means when more food is being made and more farms are being made this means more distribution sent to me they’re needed which means they need workers for these distribution centers and won’t have any more truck drivers and grocery stores to provide the food so it’s just a economic trickle-down but in a good way and it provides an economic advantage to the community and states how would this be implemented going to politicians that are already invested in more and theft helping their communities and advocating for health and for low-income families is extremely important getting people an ally on your side especially someone who has an insight to people on helping you pass this would be a extremely beneficial when if for example you’re going up to Congress with this program idea a land would be must Allen would be needed so it would already be provided with this program this land would be obtained to an already established farm so sending Scouts out to find farms to partner up with that may be having a hard time staying afloat or keeping up with profits this would their struggle it would be easy to encourage it encourage them to work with the program by describing its benefits so this program would be a chance for them to become successful and grow their business as opposed to failing and having to sell their business and land there are also farm benefits that would open tomorrow so these benefits include that the farm program would help their family business to expand and help them gain more revenue and this is because as stated in one of the bullet points here the Whole Foods have put advertisements in their stores with who they’re partnering with and where they’re getting their food from so then this would then expand their farms clientele and provide an economic advantage for this farm this farm will also be receiving a portion of profits from major and local local grocery stores so for wholesome Whole Foods because of the Whole Foods is selling their product Whole Foods would also sponsor them to where the family can expand their farm to hire more low-income workers to help them but the upkeep of land so the more low-income workers that are the more expansion there is the more little income workers you could hire less helping a lot more low income families you know gamer food in money and print and lowering theft preventing theft for Whole Foods the Bennett a benefit would be and is that you know Whole Foods is big on our kind of food and finding actually so this would be a great publicity moment for them Whole Foods would also have its own lease lon that’s creating competition for other grocery stores because I mean a lot of grocery stores get their farms from like these different centers but they don’t have their own farm so some of the points as to how long this would last and like how this would go so the adults who steal started off in their teams this is why it’s important to allow teams an adult’s dues program so they can work and make money and provide food to be eligible for this program they must provide documentation that they’re low income that way these jobs with the biggest disadvantage there are too many times that these jobs are going but many jobs are going to no white Americans more privileged Americans and these low-income families get a chance so these jobs would be specifically for low-income families this would only be an ongoing programming the success that Whole Foods would display for more profits other grocery stores will follow and make their own programs as well um a theory that would most describe why these families are committing theft would be the string theory so the string theory assumes a frustration as a causation of crime so basically his family they’re stealing because they’re frustrated that they are making money um getting what their family needs they can get food they can’t get a job and so this frustration eventually leads to a crime and also states society put pressure on the individual to achieve socially accepted goals even though they have the lack of means so society is basically saying they need to have the American dream they need to be successful they’re going to be providing for money therefore kids should be okay they need to make sure their home the same time is working but they don’t have the means for this they aren’t able to access what they need in order to fulfill the success that society so mm-hmm put so much pressure on in this case people steal because of the string they go through of not having a job a lack of resources and the pressure to provide for their family they have a hard time obtaining a job or getting enough money to provide for themselves and their families so all Australian causes them to steal to conclude a farming program to prevent low-income families from committing theft means not only do they have a job but they can bring home the imperfect foods for their family which in turn can save them money for other items so as mentioned before and if they get these imperfect foods that nobody bought so they don’t want to sell these employees people part of the program could take a home with them provide it for their family spend less money on food use a minute to provide for other items like clothing school items anything for their family you know saving money in general and having more money due for other items and reducing theft this will also allow them to learn life skills and move to other positions in order to earn more and expand their knowledge this farming program definitely be a big area that could help prevent theft because there’s not many places or programs that help these low-income families low-income families from busy men’s communities again our disadvantage so needed they need something to back them up that is specifically for them and this form could be that one thing thank you


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