Criminal Justice Major: Future Career Goals & Graduation Anxiety

[Music] hey guys it’s Jordan welcome to my youtube channel we’ve seen anyway previous videos welcome back today is Tuesday to 26 it’s 8:56 a.m. I have a class at 11:00 and then a class at 12:15 or 12:30 and I was just reading through some of the comments on YouTube videos and I saw one for a video idea kind of about like my future goals and like what I’m afraid for for the future kind of and I think that’s a good idea cuz I haven’t like sit down and get real with you guys about like what’s gonna happen after I graduate or what I hope is gonna happen I guess if you’re interested in hearing about that then please just keep watching this video okay so it’s March I graduate at the end of December of this year which is just like insane because College went so fast so I will have my bachelor’s in criminal justice and I’ll have a minor in women and gender studies I also have a good concentration in sociology Google has been like good I’m so used to being a student I’ve been a student like my whole entire life since I was like 4 so I’m kind of nervous because I don’t know how to live life like them not as a student and like just being a full-blown adult and I also still live at home so it’s gonna be like the transition of moving out and living by myself like it’s all really scary and I still have some time but I also feel like that’s coming really fast if that makes any sense so I would say I have like two different scenarios of what ideally would happen on the one hand I think it would be like so amazing to continue on to get like my doctorate and become a professor at my college now I think they’ll just be like amazing because I really do like criminal justice and I’ve had some amazing teachers I think it would be so cool to do that but I don’t think that’s realistic simply because of the money factor I don’t think I could afford to go to school for that long like let’s be honest here realistically I mean I considered case management because like I said that was something in my internship that I got I have a taste of I thought that was pretty cool it’s like or case management or probation I could see myself doing I think I have a personality that is very like understanding and approachable so if I like met with clients I think they’d be like they could let their guard down with me because I give off that energy like it’s okay to just be yourself and like people make mistakes and stuff like that I think that would be something that I would be good at and I would love to like make a change in people’s lives that maybe like we’re ones doing like really terrible things if they could like turn that around and do better for themselves and succeed like I would love to be a part of that so that’s kind of like my more realistic plan is to end up doing something like that the other hand of a realistic side I think I would really like to do something with criminal intelligence I’m like working with the CIA or working with there’s something called HIDA in my area it’s about like it’s with drug trafficking and stuff um yeah so criminal intelligence is information compiled and analyzed in an effort to anticipate prevent and monitor criminal activity because on the one hand I do want to do something that’s like closely connected to like people in the field like criminals and victims stuff but at the same time I know how big my heart is and I think that might be hard for me not to like feel looks like the way when I’m working with people and that’s just like where my dilemma comes in because I really don’t know what I want to do and it’s scary because I’m a senior you know what I mean like I’m gonna be a super senior technically so it’s like I just feel like this immense amount of pressure on me and I know I shouldn’t but it’s like oh my god okay I have so-and-so months until I graduate like I’m gonna have to at that point move out like be on my own have an adult job like work Monday through Friday whatever time hopefully and it’s really scary because like I said I’m not used to not being a student I’m really scared that like I’m gonna have a lot of school loans to pay off I’m not gonna make enough money to do it that’s a big thing I’m really scared about like not making enough money to be financially okay I’m especially in this field because some careers are really good with average salaries and some are like really low and it’s hard because I feel like there’s things that I want to do that I probably get paid nothing but the ones that I kind of like don’t want to do as I probably get paid more so it’s just like a constant dilemma and I feel really like stuck right now because I don’t know exactly what I want to do um I’m also afraid of not finding something that I love like I’m afraid that I’m putting in all this work and all this time to like get a degree and then I’m not gonna find something that like I’m really passionate about or I’m also afraid that like I’m not even gonna end up using this degree that I’m paying like thousands of dollars for at the end because I have a lot of fears and it’s weird because it comes in weight it’s like sometimes I’m just chillin I’m like I’m going to school I’m going to work doing my thing whatever happens happens and then some days I literally get such bad anxiety like what am I doing with my life it literally just like depends on the day right now I’m kind of in like a chill mode but then probably like a week I’ll be like freaking out like I just it’s crazy to me um so I’m kind of trying to like look into more of what things exactly are like criminal intelligence is really standing out to me because I could be in an office and not like out on the field because that definitely does scare me I’m just riding the wave right now like I mean I’m freaking out inside but I’m also just trying to go with the flow because everything will work itself out is what I keep trying to tell myself like I was are like kind of my goals I mean ideally I would love to get my doctorate and be like a professor like that would be amazing to me because I like I said I have this one professor at my school that I like think she’s so awesome like I would love to do that but then I also think I consumers up going into like probation case management kind of thing just because I think I have a good personality for it but again like I said my heart is very involved I feel a lot of things I’m an empathetic person so I can’t absorb everything around me and like internalize it so that’s what’s kind of hard about wanting to do that so then I think an alternative to that would be doing like criminal intelligence work like gathering information and analyzing it to prevent crime because I think that’s really interesting too like going in like finding all these different puzzle pieces and making them come together I’m finding like the person that you’re looking for I think would be so cool but I feel like ultimately I have no real idea what I want to do and it’s super scary to me but I’m like working on it and I’m figuring it out oh you guys know like what my fantasy goal is and my realistic goal is for the future and like the things that I’m kind of scared of because there are things if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up also comment to me like what your future goals are like what you want to do with things that you’re scared of coming out of high school or college or whatever you’re doing right now because I would love to know that might talk to you guys about it subscribe if you have not already if you watch it all at this point you already know like I appreciate you so so much and I hope see you guys in my next video