Business and Corporate Law Assignment

– – tonight do WI – W – the worst case that a group will be presenting on the magic butcher case as part of the contract level segment as we have father the eyelid pattern I will be starting with the issue of the case there were three of us men took aim for the publishing rights of the second book and I offered for the movie rights of the sports book Oh Jett has responded to wonderful first but the big issue is we need to find out which is the hopeful that now become a contract that binds him now for the roots I would like to call the class thank you Thank You husband ER I’m over at Sunday my student ID number is EMB 2 Co 3 8 0 I will be explaining about the rules that were used for this case to investigate this case the rules that we had to dig into where the rule our contract which is agreement and legal enforceability rule of offer which includes an intention to be bound a confirmed promise to be in the contract and proper communication of the upper pleura axon which is the highest bidder is bound to the contract there are two types of contract one is written contract and another is oral contract and the rule of first all acceptance where the recipients time is the time where the contract was posted this is then applied to the case of the port right which will help us reach the conclusion of who is contract he has been born to to explain the application portion I would like to invite Saba hi I’m Saba DC and my student ID is EMV 2 4 3 7 4 in this case for child who is the writer of two books receives an offer of $45,000 from a filmmaking agency have our films to make a movie of his first book he was impressed with the offer and responded saying that he accepts the offer however he gets to have a final say on who will be the and stop the movie the agreement is on hold till havoc films response to the counteroffer now for his second book that he has recently finished writing he gets an off call from the chief editor of possible books to publish his second book to which Fort Wright says it is fine but he will not consider less than 40 grams after few days the previous publisher who had not treated him well which is Metro publishers he called him to ask about the book where he replied he he’s almost finished writing the book but he is only going to give their rights to the highest bidder Metro publishers offered him $50,000 he knew he would get better treatment from boss world therefore he negotiated big possible to get a higher price and they settled at $45,000 he received the offer letter from boss fells signed the written contract and gave it and then posted it to him while coming out of the post office he met Pickwick he did it was a wealth well-established publisher who was well known a well known in the market for the treatment and that he gives to his writers and he offered him $45,000 for his book he went right back to stop the contract from being posted accepted the offer of Pickwick and took the check from pigley in regards to the sale amount in regards to sale amount he was a bit confused and he had not quoted exact price or told and then he had told to the publisher he would give it to the highest bidder however he ended up he ended up taking only dollar 45 thousand which was less than the highest offer for the conclusion of this case I would like to invite Interjet Thank You Saba I am in the jet car my student ID is eks a 2 0 0 1 I am here to explain the conclusion that our group has made on this case with this we can easily conclude that with the Metro publisher there was only offer but no acceptance or intention with the possible the position was not successful so they offer and accept but the intention change and the acceptance was taken back with the hope films there was a counter officer if they accept the contra officer it shall be a contract with a big week the only contract he found too is the contract with the pic week as there was offer intention acceptance and as a confirmation the check was also given to ports right which has which he accepted back to reg winter thank you does it the second area that I will be representing on the hotronix with my family this has a part of the corporate law assignment and I ensure that the case wants us to focus on the legal positions with regards to the beach – of journal law or secretary duty of care and guillotines Mercedes and Greg as a factor whether the decision to shift to the new premises were protected by section 180 and the two of the corporation act rather they are liable for the bleaching section I will take three of the Corporations Act 2001 if the company becomes insolvent now I would like to call industry thank you Thank You reg vinda I am here to explain the rules that were used in this case to investigate this case are now are directors that has to be honest and transparent when it comes to making a business decision actually due diligence and responsible nets not focusing on personal profit the duty of care for director where they should not be taking decisions without exploring other possible options and that decreases the profitability of the creditors and the company and the situate realities and applications of a director also the section of the corporation at 2001 has been considered thank you hi i’m jabari n and i’m here to explain the application of this case the case clearly mentions that due to the opening of the new rival store the company growth and profit was very low already as felix reports to the store every day he alone decides that the store has to be shifted the area where the duty of care was not followed a breaching the section 180 of Corporations Act 2001 were Salix decided that they should shift to another location and started the process without the consent of the other court directors despite of knowing the financial situation Felix did not obtain a complete complete information regarding the market and the properties available for them the selling price was too high for the company to bear the financial debt however Felix did nothing that it was a problem because Parramatta was the second largest and crowded city and the location may be good for them to capture the uncaptured population of this area Felix communicated incomplete and false information to other directors greg was ignorant of the financial situation despite of him being one of the directors Mercedes was unsure of the decision being taken but she did not take a stand for it she should have actively asked time to do research and even after having that in mind she did not strongly communicate that and it did not and she did not make aware like Greg aware of the situation that they were in despite of all this this took a step against the best interest of the company and the company eventually started making lots now the section 5 is Aichi was also breached because Greg was ignorant and there therefore unaware of company’s financial situation where as the other two knew but they still incur debt in to the company which is now at loss and if corrective measures are not taken may be insolvent as well now for the conclusion I would like to invite you Raj Thank You Sava keeping in mind all the rules yet provision for this general law or statutory duty of Korean diligence is a director and after applying the rules towards the case of the truenicks we can come to conclusion all the directors have breasts the urgency of here Iranian first communication unconsented decisions incomplete information gathering while taking a decision that negatively impacted the company and great being ignorant of the company’s financial situation and mostly is not taking necessary steps to stop the decision at all the exons that makes way towards building the Corporations Act 2001 at the end we can say that both Mercedes and great even Felix have breached the general and statutory duty of care and divisions is a director and bliss the section had it it is Z of the Corporations 8 2001 electronics become insolent also more silly it decision to agree to the purchase of the new premised was not protected by the six and 180 under two of the Corporations 8 2001 this bring us to the end of the our position thank you all I have a wonderful time thank you