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hi everyone this is follow from my assignment services I’m here to give you a seven-point strategy to score an HD or a high distinction in your academic essay now when you start writing your academic essay the very first point that you need to consider is your essay basics from what I mean from essay basics is your overall structure that you will adopt and this flow of your assignment say it is an essay so it would not be advisable for you to use any kind of structured headings for example an introduction a body or a conclusion it is also necessary that you do not make use of any bullet points therefore also you need to ensure that your information flows logically from one point to the other it is also necessary that the information flow is continuous or do you make use of connectors second is your assignment question now before you can actually begin writing it is necessary that you understand what the question is saying for example unique and focus on specific words in the question statement such as tasks the assignment your opinion on it or analyze something for example if your question is asking you for your opinion on a particular aspect make sure you take a stand and you formulate your argument around that stand next is your marking criteria marking criterias are usually well given at the end of your essay gallic guidelines you can refer to the HD section it will tell you specifically the wit age for each and every aspect that you need to consider in your essay for example usually the most important section is your literature review or the academic references or the Academy journals that you need to consider that will have the most amount of weight age next would be your referencing that also would have a significant amount of weight age fulfills that all of those criterias and you will definitely achieve for the Hydra station next is your research researching the question is tremely important now for researching the question it is essential that you make use of credible resources for example a normal calm website is not a credible resource Wikipedia is also not a credible resource what is the next are credible resource a published journal a book or for example a report published by a company that is a credible resource you can also make use of your university database you can make use of Google Scholar but definitely no dot-com websites next is your formatting by formatting it is necessary that your essay is not just well-written but also well-structured justifier essay keep margins on both sides use standard Times New Roman or Arial fonts standard 11 or 12 point forms 1.5 or two line spacing it will look professional it will look academic next is your language academic language is very different from a reflective language in academic language it is necessary that you make use of third person not first person for example even if you are trying to present your opinion in the video in the essay you would say that from this research resource this is what the author has found not what I have found not what we have found this is what the author has found this would come to a comprise of your academic language final aspect is your referencing make sure you refer to your university form at universities usually have published guidelines on how to reference for example if your University’s form for following a hard word format it will give you specific guidelines on how to reference in Harvard make sure you follow that follow all of these seven criterias and we will definitely solve a high distinction in your thank you

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Outraged over slavery essay question to students

what’s up y’all check trying to push the clock and I appreciate y’all who do check out the reports and the things that I talked about always trying to keep it 100 period but man this is one of them this is what I’m saying that I have always been saying about our young generation not knowing and if they don’t know then they would never know now pears outrage over slavery comics or essay question that was asked now this is an arm Julia high school caught no box across it on Nova anyway thirteen-year-old girl they are Kevin James Bond say no right but her favorite subject is history she’s the apple Memphis young girl all rights and that her class the teacher broke out with a question that was talking about arm from the civil war in a Industrial Revolution and the teacher asked to class a question the eighth grade students teacher a still would they rather be a slave or a factory work sorry about that pause but that was the question this is history alright in this cool but teacher asked the student and their shares air mix so you have a mixture of students are together and the teacher asked them what they’d rather be a factory worker or slave and a majority even after American key X who within the class raised a hand and saying they will rather be a slave then to work in effect now tell me that it’s not under the nubra order state of mind or good movie minotti state of mind or dis brainwash mitali so now that question has been taken off of the essay and now the teachers and they talking about their gone to working one on upgrading am trying to teach more on the subject of slavery but this is what is it this is the most stupidest thing that ever happened for students that will sit in the classroom and with tails the teacher yes we would rather be slaves before we work in a factory in this country that we live in that’s America that is based alarming who work to build this United States started from money is made in effect and US men women who get up every day make careers out of working in a factory what is wrong with you pants to not teach your children that is nothing good about being a damn slave now nobody like I said they took this off of the essay before a teacher to ask that class would you rather be a factory worker or slave and those kids say I rather be a day of slave that’s the most disgusting this bullshit which means that they never wanted to stay in and this is where we have left and you want to talk about we’re going to take the end where that we gonna bury it bullshit because it’s that kind of mentality that that has our children brainwashed brainwashed factories helped make this country good money in the factory and damn it we work long hours but we are doing a sudden conducted slavery tables in a cotton field slaves they had to to be out in the hot Sun all damn day getting whipped and this is something that these kids are the teacher asked them to go home and write why do you want to be a slave Manny heard naught plus it’s time for me to punch the clock wake up people I bet you all them damn kid’s no little way and they can save Jake they can say Rihanna they could say Nicki Minaj but they don’t know goddamn thing about a word of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King factor Douglas watch it

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Small business lawyer – why and how to hire one

my name is Eric Rutledge I am a lawyer and practice law in North Vancouver hey first off I gotta say that this video was supposed to be about how to take law into your own hands but us to be expected for an experienced lawyer he highly advised against it and it makes sense after you see how much training he has to go through any person can act as a lawyer for themselves but because a lawyer has probably eight years or more formal education and probably years of experience and the area of his choice you may find that the time spent on resolving the problem is shorter and that the results are better he may be able to provide you with options you wouldn’t consider and a knowledge of the law that you don’t have have you tried to read a legal document the whole way through and did you understand it lawyers speak the language because they wrote it and lawyers also speak the language of other business professionals another important consideration when you use a lawyer is knowing that he deals with other lawyers and accountants all the time and a skillful at settling small difficulties between the parties that arise on almost every transaction that is negotiated you can use a lawyer for a variety of things it can be for incorporation documents it could be for copyright trademark or patents it could be for purchasing or selling a business and when you do that you might need to hold funds and trust what your lawyer can do as well and holding funds in trust just means that when you have a business agreement you’ll check off all the different items and once those items are complete then the lawyer will give the funds over to the other party it could also be for just any type of business contract you have include an employment contract with employees so you can use a lawyer for a variety of different things for your business needs it is my opinion that the most important thing is that the lawyer has experience in the area of law that you are dealing it lawyers like doctors have specialties so we’re doctors specialize in things such as children feet skin lawyers will specialize in things such as family law business law Realty so you need to have the right lawyer for the job go to especially a person especially size in your area you’ll get better results when I think lawyers I think cash money it’s expensive and they are but did you know that lowers give free consultations yeah it’s kind of like drugs the first hits free or at least at a discount I have to Eric about this it’s individual for every lawyer they can give free consultations or not some do some down some have affiliation with lawsuit in our society where it’s a legal referral system and for 25 dollars they’ll refer you to a lawyer in whatever feel they think that your problem lies in so before the public and just phone a legal referral service and they’ll suggest a lawyer that is in that field you can phone that lawyer and his rate will be twenty five dollars for the first half hour of interview and he all tell you basic or any things you should do and after that you have to arrange with the lawyer what you want him to do everything thanks for watching if you like this video I also have another one with Eric about templates and starter kits so please check it out later then it’s had enough material to work with yeah okay good good great holy cow I’m an actor

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Adolescent development and juvenile justice

I my name is Elizabeth Kaufman I’m in the psychology and social behavior department in the school of social ecology the main focus of my research is on adolescent development how kids change how they develop over time and that really informs or provides the court with a foundation for better understanding how to treat kids within the system so a lot of my work is on when should kids be tried as adults are they competent to stand trial one of the right responses that the justice system should have two kids during this developmental time period a lot of my research centers on if adolescents are so smart why do they do such stupid things a lot of kids end up making very immature decisions and better trying to understand what that disconnect is so recent advances in neuroscience have shown that the brain is continuing to develop up until the age of 25 and that’s particularly the area of the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for impulse control planning future orientation given that this is the last part of the brain to develop it’s not surprising that kids are more impulsive don’t think through their actions and this is important because in the research we’ve been doing we’ve found that kids are much more responsive to rewards than they are to punishments for instance we’ve been following kids for the past seven years these are serious adolescent offenders these are offenders who’ve committed very heinous crimes and a lot of people think that if you’ve committed a serious crime you must be a serious offender and that life is over that this is a person that cannot be rehabilitated and what we wanted to do was look at what predicts who stops offending who’d assists from criminal activity a lot of people look at the predictors of what gets kids into crime very few people look at what gets kids out of crime one of the things we know from our findings is that as kids mature the more likely they are to stop offending the most exciting way that I’ve seen my research impact policy is having the Supreme Court take up the issue of the death penalty for juvenile offenders it’s hard to believe that the United States was one of the last countries to still execute their children so my research not only impact the abolishment of the juvenile death penalty but it also was involved in the recent 2010 abolishment of life without the possibility of parole for non homicide cases for juvenile offenders and to know that my research had an impact on the policies of this country was very exciting we’re starting a new study called crossroads they were interested in looking at with her kids who are formally processed that is they go through the regular court system maybe are incarcerated versus kids who are informally processed that is diverted given maybe community service or some community-based response so we’re going to look as they get older what the educational mental health emotional as well as economic impact of all of these factors are on kids who are formally punished or informally process through the system because what you do to a kid at this age has a long-term impact on what they’re going to do was an adult so it’s really important to know what the system does so that we can look long term to how they’re going to behave as an adult and I think that’s one of the goals of research is once we better understand how kids are changing what their needs are can we design a system that’s more developmentally appropriate to meet those needs you you

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Business law assignment

so we are a good number 27 it’s reach our decorously number k ac3 139 and other group member from my group is him in the South Cota and at e3 GG edit we are doing test number 20 it’s Australian tours versus chillers now the fat is involved in these situations are they safe or supermarkets that is a different lid and the other is zelos naho clips in the wig flow in the bed Manning and see in being a plaintiff similarly in this case we can found some issues issues that happened in the case and issues that we can discuss is that the defendant where the plaintiff a duty of care a duty of fear is the most important part in this care and over the defendant in the breach of the duty of care because of the plaintiff was injured in the wet floor due to lack of the warning sign or due to the failure to obey this service to the plaintiff from the supermarket and other issues may arise as the way the plaintiff’s injuries a consequences of the defendants failure to obey the tube clear similarly we have some facts that can be reveal in this case and me being as a plaintiff claim against the defendant separate stairs because while entering the Safeway stores as a supper I slipped on a break floor and wait learning and I am being injured there was no annulus warning time so we can seek further further advice for the advice for this Crillon store supermarket as if the risk warning sign is the same – did the plaintiff safety if the spume surface storage levers for the compensation for the injured that is me myself and what is the response of the stepped occupier towards its visitors there gsst adopted in the supermarket regarding the visitor safety so that they can wander within red flow and others like advice could be as if the injuries caused by the occupiers negligence of course it seems to be like if they have put the warning signs and that we determine myself couldn’t have been slept in a red floor I might get concerned about the with closed sign further we can have some like lose some readers rules and laws that can be discussed in this case so we can have a like Xcode allows we can address the legal concerns ready relieve any laws that for the acquires liability and it is very important to be to mind whether the visitor was a trespasser that is a person who enters with all the occupiers invitations and a licensee a person permitted or in invited to adhere so we have got so much issues with in this case so we can like summarize the rules and regulations it’s like that the law of the occupiers liability is concerned with the duty of care UTS clear obeid occupiers so we have got some of the legal rules as a duty of care the breach of Duty oh dear and we can apply the rules and in this case like in reference to the in reference to details will EJ in endemic versus Thames in 1856 ll1 CP 274 at P Tony 8/8 it was the occupied obligations to prevent damage onions and ended up weeks picking you that was exactly I was about to go that if occupiers make it ends so that they could have get a warning sign and meaning as a plaintiff I could get one from being harmed so we could seek a further you know for the service that lack need the occupiers then to have future damage thank you [Music]

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How research impacts judges decisions

[Music] I’m deaf work and a professor of public international law at the University of Oxford and an academic affiliate at the bonagora Institute for Human Rights and I’m Malcolm Wallace I’m a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa and I’m a visitor to the Bonneville Institute of Human Rights doing research here Markham last year you were a judge in a case in South Africa where you decided that the South African government had an obligation to arrest the Sudanese President Omar al-bashir maybe you can tell us a bit about that case well it was he came to South Africa for an au conference a legal challenge was brought to say that the government was obliged to arrest him because it didn’t do so and he came to our court eventually Pete by then left the country and we held that under the statute under which South Africa acceded to the Rome convention the government was in fact obliged to cause him to be arrested pursuant to the ICC warrant and that this overrode or was preference to the statute that would ordinarily have vested him with diplomatic immunity as a hitter’s as a visiting head of state and as far as I’m aware this is the only time that a domestic court has dealt with this question and so not only does your judgment stand in South Africa it’s it’s as far as I know it’s still the only judgment in which this issue has been resolved and so it’s authoritative in in that sense too and in the judgment you relied on two articles that I have written on this issue because this is one of my areas of of research and I was and remain curious as to remain curious as to why you found those particular articles useful to you in your judgement well they were helpful because you had set out the the structure of the ICC how it worked with a reference from the Security Council which this one was one of only two some of the problems that arose from that reference about immunity and the arguments in favor of immunity and article 98 and the earlier article had been specifically about president al-bashir and immunity so they converged with the very problem before the court and provided a useful and very informative structure and background to the problem we were reading as a judge you have a choice as to the materials that you refer to obviously you refer to two previous cases and there are other things that you might choose to refer to and I wonder what it is that might sort of draw your attention to a particular piece of academic writing what are you looking for what do you find helpful in academic writing and what advice do you have for academics who might hope to to speak beyond academia speak to the judiciary what are the sort of things they should be thinking about that they’re they’re doing their research and doing their writing obviously the first thing is clarity and comprehensiveness of expression but most importantly if you’re going to want the the judge and if you’re talking about the judge you’re really talking about also the profession the practitioner if you want them to pay attention to what you’re writing you have to write to or address the situations that they are going to encounter we don’t by and large have the time to be philosophers of the law who leave that for the the jurisprudence and and so on where we’re in the business of dealing with specific cases and specific problems you [Music]

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Hsc legal studies | band 6 legal essays

so how do you get a ban six in a legal studies essay I’m going to use crime as an example here but you’ll see what I do to differentiate between AB and five and a band six and you’ll be able to apply it to world order family consumer workplace whatever your option is as well first of all in the crime syllabus it says that you need to be able to demonstrate an extensive understanding of blah blah blah whatever it’s asking you so for example if it’s asking you about tension you need to be able to show an extensive understanding of tension in the criminal justice system as opposed to showing a substantial understanding which is what makes a band five the difference here is pretty small but at the same time pretty big to already get to a substantial understanding is someone who’s done a lot of study and they really really understand the implications surrounding tension to show you an extensive understanding you have to be able to really show with confidence that you understand the complexities of the legal system so this part of the syllabus is being awarded to the kind of student who is very comfortable in being able to draw on different aspects and be able to express them with confidence the difference there is you need to be extensive in your knowledge rather than just substantial for the next part you need to be able to show you have an informed judgment which is different from a judgment which is what you need for AB and 5 so here it’s actually not so difficult and in an upcoming video we’ll talk about how to create an informed judgment but the difference is essentially instead of a judgment laid on the table this is what I think an informed judgment shows you have foresight for what you will discuss in your essay and again you understand the complexities of the legal system when you’re looking at having an informed judgment as opposed to just a judgement . the next part is about integrating law cases media international documents and so forth and again the difference here is users as opposed to integrates what we spoke about in a previous video about using media it’s not just about throwing it in there but you need to integrate it you can bounce a case of some legislation officer media these things all come together to create our stir in criminal justice system or the New South Wales criminal justice system you need to be able to talk about these in relation to one another rather than having a really really isolated essay that’s the key to moving up to a bad sex and the final part of the criteria is about sustaining a cohesive and logical response that uses relevant terminology the difference there is sustained so a band five student is going to be able to present an essay that maybe seems a little bit how you go in in its structure it’s a little bit here it’s a little bit there it’s on the spot but a band six student has the foresight to look ahead and be able to work out how their arguments will roll into one another and they’ll be really confident with the terms that are in the themes and challenges but also any other legal jargon along the way so the main differentiation for a band sixteen there is someone who is able to really really comfortably look ahead in their essay and see how it’s gonna pan out and then execute it thank you for listening [Music] you [Music]

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