All-usa academic scholarship recipients

[Music] my academic goals I want to say they are to complete my my time here in my associate in arts at PVCC but I am applying I have already applied to ASU to go for the bachelors program for social behavioral sciences it’s like a I guess an innard like a what they call it interdisciplinary bachelor degree so it makes a sociology and psychology I eventually want to go ahead into a master’s program for counseling I would like to be a counselor and have my own practice but specifically work with at-risk youths educational goals have been to achieve my associates in elementary ed and pursue my bachelor’s in elementary ed in special education now that I’ve recent events and those opportunities that I have I’m now able to map through I’ve also my goals did receive a higher education and master’s degree and eventually hopefully my doctorate PVCC has been just amazing in in the guidance and mentorship that I’ve had from faculty and staff in guiding and helping guide me on my journey but also like it’s already had the vision and where I wanted to go it was very easy to share that with with my mentors and and people who I met along the way Paradise Valley Community College very specifically and I don’t have the experiences of the other campuses but it’s the difference between teacher centered learning and student centered learning this campus and all the courses I’ve been able to take and all the professor’s have had teach in a manner where its students that are learning and and you you have lectures you have information and course content but you’re able to take this information and use it and apply it and they encourage this and they provide you with opportunities to go out of the classroom do these things that are that are important to you find needs and they support encouraged and you further develop what you’re getting from these classrooms and I’m able to practice that in a real-world application I’ve talked to other people they’re like well maybe you would like to do peer mentoring and I was like yeah but these are college students like you know and like no there’s programs with with ace in the early college programs that you can mentor for high school students I’m like that’s my demographic that I’d love to work with one day is is that age range so I peer mentored for like three three early college classes so and that was amazing I it ended up affording me the job on campus and I work with early college program this scholarship was just such a huge blessing for me because it it now allows me to make these plans for that next step for the Masters so it’s not like oh I’ve arrived that I’m getting this bachelor’s but everything that I’ve planned to pay for college now can be moved forward and that discipline can just be kind of held on to longer and now it wasn’t even a possibility I didn’t think about a masters or a doctorate I mean and and this scholarship along with the opportunities I’m getting here have shown me that that it’s not only possible but it’s in reach so it’s things like that finding the mentors on campus and I’m doing the coursework and I’m gonna earn this degree but it was those other people who helped me and looked out for me and like this might help you along your journey and I’m just stuffing my tool bag with every possible tool I can so that when I go to ASU I don’t feel lost and unsure the way I did when I first got here you know and so it’s it’s really prepared me in leadership and with academics and then with just again those experiences that are gonna be with me long after I leave here [Music] you [Music]

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Learn how to prepare best in class financial assignment help

hello everyone I welcome you all to our today’s discussion about the financial management assignment today we will be talking about financial management assignment helped by my assignment services the main question is that why do we be screening financial management assignment help finance is the broad topic that is one of the most essential and crucial aspect of the industry it is not a hidden fact that during the financial management assignment requires intensive knowledge about the core concept that relates your financial area it debates about the wider fact that helps the well-organized financial management in an organization getting financial management assignment help from my assignment services facilitates the student in the cheeping excellent grades and getting high quality assignments we help you make assignments that reflect the topic related information in a chronological and synchronized manner we help you make professional and high quality assignments gathering information from credible sources following all the specifications mentioned in the rubrics and formatting to other to the needs of the assignments so let us take into consideration that what do we basically understand about financial management the area deals with obtaining fun about the real applications in the commercial concerns and includes planning organizing directing controlling financial activities it deals with a flow of fund to fulfill the objectives of the organization financial management is an intricate part of overall management it relates to effective and efficient management of funds it objectifies at maximizing returns and also in investment and capital management in the dynamic environment dearth of knowledge and inappropriate research skills on financial areas are the biggest challenge that you’ll experience while preparing financial management assignment they face problems in analyzing annual reports of organization and also in suggesting cost-cutting techniques for better results financial management comprised of the fiscal data business concern for accounting records the insufficiency of time poses significant challenge in the completion of the financial assignments let us discuss a few cooked strategies for financial management one should focus on setting a budget and creating financial calendar according to that the financial management assignment involves considering all the sources that cat is profit and loss to the organization management of finances should analyze and select activities that maximizes the profits and considers switching to relevant actions in case of risk management important topics that are covered under the financial management involves investment analysis mergers and acquisitions ratio analysis time value of money publican personal finances bond valuation cost of capitals international flow of funds and so on for preparing an unblemished financial management assignment one must add analysis from the scratch it must include an extensive research and should incorporate all the relevant concept and strategies the assignment prepared must involve suitable financial planning and adhere to the quality control and monitoring so why did choose my assignment services they have an experience of 10 plus years in dealing with assurance assignment as supreme financial management assignment health services facilitate the learners in understanding the real and practical meaning of the concepts relate to finances we provide best academic assistance specific to country and the subjects we assure best quality solutions with proper referencing formats at the most reasonable prices and deliver them before the stipulated deadlines we have a team of reliable and trusted PhD writers and quality experts we provide a clue proximal environment between the student and the expert where one-to-one sessions and diag phone calls are the prime features of our services we assure well authenticated and quality monitored assignments that are proof read and 100% plagiarism free we have a quality control enterprises or system that save God’s a delivery of hundred percent reliable organized and high-quality assignments you can obey our supreme financial assignment services by writing to us at help activate my Simon thank you so much for watching this video and for more you can please login to the link definitely WW but – and services calm

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How to write business law essay on washington state bar exam

hi I’m Alex bisous with quick tips on how to write a passing essay on business law on the Washington State Bar Exam the most important thing that you understand is that on the bar exam breath not depth is the key you have to do the short room statements and you have to understand how they test so they test business law either agency plus partnership or agency plus LOC that will be one sa another say maybe the corporation SI the fullest say it can be Jeff loc and two corporation essays it can be one corporation sa and one agency sa a little bit of partnership so they they may play with that sometimes agency in this point yet superior or vicarious liability appears on tort SI and you will have LLL CSA and the corporation essay on business law but on any business law essay you will hit first formation of an entity any entity after that there will be some contributions you know a be Bob and Donna and Sam decided to do a business together so Sam had an expertise in bakery and Donna had ten thousand dollars to invest so she was a limited partner something like that so you discuss contributions by members partner shareholders and their authority some of them will be doing something you know entering into Lee sending a contractor hiring someone so that will be the agency law that you will have to discuss after that there will be directed shareholders liabilities if it’s a duty of loyalty on on corporations that you discuss that most likely they will test you on withdrawal and consequences if there is a dissolution invoke that or or a partner is dissociated you will have to know that sometimes it’s a third of an assess on withdrawal and consequences of withdrawal liability Pearson corporate veil piercing LLC bail if there are some death involved most likely you will see that distribution and the order of payments liabilities first after that the distribution of capital back to the partner stuff that remaining profits are distributed according to the partnership agreement if there are two essays on corporations one essay will be like an advanced corporate stuff maybe shareholder voting you know notice requirements this timing requirements and some minority shareholders will be disadvantaged and that sa all fundamental changes merger will at work now my advice to you is to do 15 to 20 practice essay I did 19 essays during my study force this is my practice book i hand-wrote my bar exam I advise you to do the same you will be one of 50 people in the room not one of five hundred can start with my very short outline and my very short lectures deity the audio lectures that I have there about like two to three hours my outline is two and a half pages look my partnership section for the outline is that much you don’t need more and this is the exactly how you should write your answer this is the sixty to seventy percent of your actual answer is in that outline it’s a rule statement outline it’s not like outline with a bullet points you know ten page outline for subject area I couldn’t I didn’t have a luxury of overwhelming myself with those long studies you know I finished law school in two years and took the bar exam three weeks after my graduation and I started five month before the bar exam you know doing practice essays I did 180 essays on subsidy of law and 41 on ethics I advise you to do between 100 and 150 in order to ensure that that you will be within seventy percent of passers all the best of luck on your bar exam be successful and everything you do thank you for your time see you in my next video bye

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Business law – group assignment

yes and we need other day by the inspector for me [Music] I talk about the food instead there there must be at least several people what shakes it’s part of the fight Samuel even once [Music] I you if you don’t mind we would like to hire business we sell my business shoe to you but if you agree to buy it for $39 yeah II agree that price us you 10,000 in cash 20 Cheryl varnish and aventures for the remaining 9,000 or by the company we already discussed and agreed upon you as a director thank you I hope I can handle this company with full responsibility another I manipulated it was appointed by the unsecured creditors you know nice to review I am sorry to hurt that you are unable to send your company and it with into liquidation it’s okay thank you for your concern I come here is to realize the company and settle the depths or to the creditors oh I see you can do a job as my secretary if you need I’ve realized all the assets of the company however the total amount just around six thousand ended the asset were enough to pay off secured creditor including Solomon who was a debenture holder and secured creditor like new has recovered nothing from the liquidation liquidation proceed seriously is just that much is it possible to a big company like Solomon have just just have six thousand ringgit amount of asset yeah that what I have realized the director has used the money to pay off the debenture as the creditor holding was considered a secured creditor I can accept this I do so Solomon to avoid you from getting I will try to take this case to the court and allege that the company was a fraud the reason why I upon you to this case because I just watch Solomon to have the responsibility to the company death if you want like that I will overlook this case [Applause] the creditors could not recover data as the contract were in the company and not with the salami I hope that since salaamed was the major addition of the 20001 chest as copper dimension of the remaining fixtures and he was also a director of the company therefore the company belongs to Sullivan and that he could be liable to settle all their own into the editors of the company as cinnamon and coal is a company and therefore has separate legal personality it could not be said it Salameh on the company the company is Salam and are two legal percent in law it is a company which has the power to enter into contract I’m sorry miss I couldn’t help you anymore because all the decision I’ve already signed whatever it is I will sue so he’s the only one responsible for these things no means you can debts of the company and the responsibility of the company and not salam on it is the company which entered into contracts with you and you only can sue the company and not its shareholders salam on ability as a shareholders is limited this is not fair he’s the one granted the business and the company is belong to him the company can employ people to run the business and Solomon was entitled to be considered an employee of the company in his capacity as the director of the company it is same like company must sue in his name for anyone commits against it if any wrong has been committed against the company it is the company who can sue to recover its losses oh I see then the shoe business belong to the company and not to Solomon once the contracts were entered into between the company and the Solomon this means it should be like that

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    in the isolated villages of Tanzania rivers are a source of life they are also a source of disease this man is a corn farmer and father of five but for…

Business law assignment

in the isolated villages of Tanzania rivers are a source of life they are also a source of disease this man is a corn farmer and father of five but for the last three years he has not been able to see and cannot work he has river blindness river blindness or onchocerciasis affects an estimated four million people in Tanzania alone on a recent trip to the southern highlands of Tanzania with the World Health Organization we visited isolated villages where innovative efforts are underway to treat the disease but it presents some unusual challenges in this particular village the only source of water supply is this river and they need water from this river for wishing themselves for washing their clothes but there is a major problem this river is infected with black flies which carry the parasitic worms that cause river blindness the Flies breed in clean fast moving water which makes it difficult for villagers who depend on the river to avoid the fly bites introduced worms into the body where they form nodules under the skin and quickly reproduce creating millions of offspring dr. wad a kabocha an ophthalmologist by training has been working on river blindness in the river region for nearly a decade he said we’re going to see a man who who has suspected science of univision’s restricted to be signs of onchocerciasis DQ by DT body symptoms of river blindness can be debilitating ranging from severe itching that can cause people to lose sleep for years at a time to epilepsy and ultimately to blindness this corn farmer began to lose his sight three years ago a copy now he is blind he’s on medication but still has such severe itching that he can no longer sleep it was a jungle Kolkata he hasn’t slept for a year yes it can stoop or maybe for three hours epilepsy can also be a side effect of the disease the farmer’s son who is 22 suffers from seizures three times a month for the last decade the World Health Organization has been working with public health officials throughout Africa to come up with innovative ways to treat the disease in Tanzania health officials travel through isolated villages recruiting our network of community organizers to assist in the treatment they work to distribute the drug known as MEK tisane which was originally developed as a veterinary medicine and has given away free by its manufacturer Merck the drug stops the worm from breeding but does not kill it infected people must take the medicine for 15 years the life of the worm the Priven 344 villages meant a pleasant ninety-eight percent so probably all these people are infected yeah in order for the drug to halt the spread of the parasite the entire village must take it for the full 15 years otherwise the lawns will keep reading Andrey infect humans but getting people to take the drug which can cause severe reactions first is often difficult there are a few people in the community who refuses to take the drug those are the ones who are going to continue spreading the disease in the community many people fear that the drug was sterilized sake for the Germans oh poor quality permit was generated by a force idea that Victor’s energy community libido others rely on local of healers nothing yes he said he went to the went to the witch doctors dr. kabocha says that getting authorities to fund river blindness treatment programs can be difficult especially when they are in competition for limited funds with high-profile diseases like HIV AIDS nearly 18 million people worldwide have river blindness most of them in Africa it is the world’s second leading cause of preventable blindness for now these community-based programs are the best hope that the people of Tanzania have you

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Abe170a1 – video explaining research paper topic

this is a video explaining my chosen topic for my research paper for a class that I am taking that focuses on the basic concepts in water related applications I’m a young adult the drinks water at the beverage preference I do so because I’m aware of the health benefits it has over other alternatives I chose this topic because I recently noticed the red relatively high prices of bottled water and their increasing variety and local supermarkets I also wanted to uncover the truth about the realities behind bottled water and the companies that are supplying it the first part of my paper highlights the most basic common misconception regarding bottled water that bottled water is a more pure and better tasting than tap water this misconception is a crucial marketing point for bottled water companies and has led to the majority of people purchasing water and plastic bottles rather than simply turning the tap on and filling the glass the issue is it’s simply not true the truth is that many major bottled water companies typically by municipal water filter it and our minerals to create the perception of a pure taste they ingeniously market the water in such a way as they convinced their consumers into believing this misconception the next part of my paper I thought important to discuss the ethics and incentives of these such applies the questionable ethics and incentives of suppliers of bottled water has been brought in to light recently regarding the potentially dangerous widespread in current use of PE t plastics in bottling and the impact of operations on our environment until recently p ET was the most preferred material thanks to his cheap cost and easy manufacturing process through my research and thanks to the indian journal of occupational and environmental medicine i was able to identify the dangers posed to a consumer health by the reuse of p ET plastic bottles which reportedly includes increased insulin resistance and decreased levels of sex hormones what is scary is that plastics is this plastic is still widely used in bottle manufacturing and despite an emphasis on recycling the reality is that eighty-six percent of the 17 million discarded water bottles daily in the US I just thrown in trash contributing greatly to a negative environmental impact my paper goes on to highlight an organization that recognizes these companies as water profitez exploiting natural resources and has begun right raising awareness against their practices it is called corporate accountability international organizations such as corporate the corporate accountability international have began protesting to ensure the investments needed to guarantee universal access I put into public water systems rather than into the pockets of global corporations like Coke Pepsi and Nestle Wilma bottling water they raise awareness to the crisis of a lack of clean drinking which around the world and how water corporations are disregarding it I included this section of my paper as it provides a credible example towards your position regarding big business big businesses unethical practices and mentalities behind water I conclude concluded in my paper that the u.s. does currently have adequate means of providing its citizens with Korean drinking water though its own municipal systems through its own municipal systems but a large amount of the world still does not with over a billion people in the world lacking access to clean water these bottles these bottled water companies should consider reinvesting their 13 billion worth of yearly revenues and to building equally effective municipal systems in countries that are less economically well-developed the cost of these plastic bottles have on the environment and potentially to our health is great and unnecessary we must therefore encourage each other to drink from the tap and boycott these properties in order to improve the global crisis surrounding access to clean drinking water

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Academic advisors at linfield college online and continuing education

hi my name is Joanne Swenson and I’m an academic advisor at Linfield College with the adult degree program hi I’m Jenny Alyssa I am an academic advisor at linfield adult degree program I think there are two main kinds of reasons why people come back to get their degree professional reasons and personal reasons some of the reasons that students come back to finish their degrees at linfield college are necessary job requirements it could be that they are looking for an advancement in their career or if they’re looking to change careers I work with a lot of registered nurses who are now required to get a bachelor’s degree in some in some hospitals so they come to me saying how do I get my bachelor’s degree how can I advance in my skills how can I advance in my job so as soon as somebody applies for admission they’re assigned an academic advisor and from that point on we’re able to assist them in the whole process of applying for admission of choosing classes figuring out where they are in the whole admission and enrollment process there are three main things that I work with students on right away at the beginning one is to calm their fears about how their credits will transfer to is how are they going to pay for this there’s financial aid student loans scholarships we walk them through that process and third how am I going to manage life as a student one of the really important roles that we play as academic advisors is helping prospective students to figure out what sort of credits might transfer from the work that they did before at another college or university and we’re always able to do a preliminary evaluation of their transcripts to help them figure out well this is about how many credits you should anticipate to transfer this is how much longer it will take you to complete your degree and I think it gives prospective students a lot of information ahead of time to help them decide even if they want to apply for admission with some of the services that are available for students are the distance learning library services we have a dedicated distance learning librarian that works with our students for any sort of research needs that they might be having anything that they need with regards to the library and we also have a tutoring services or students can still walk into a tutoring center virtually in their case but still be able to get the assistance that they need well I think that when people first start thinking about going back to school sometimes I feel like they psych themselves out a little bit and think that it’s going to be much more complicated than it really is in reality once we go through the steps and work with them to figure out that it’s not as as daunting as they thought it was going to be I think that students choose Linfield because we have an excellent reputation and they have talked with colleagues who have gone through the RN to BSN program and they know that they can get through this program they know that they have excellent customer service academic advising student services and they know that we will work with them to make this program adaptable to their lifestyle I think that students really are able to see themselves as a linfield student right from the get-go because they have a personal connection with an advisor who is there for them from day one who can help them through all the steps I definitely think that that is a strength of our program and a main reason why people feel like this is the right place for them

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