hello everyone welcome to business academy today we are going to talk about nine important is a topics in constitutional law that you should revise or you should have knowledge about this nine important SEO topics for Clack PG 2019 now before getting into the nine important asset of exciting to tell you we have met video on how to prepare in last thirty days because only thirty thirty-five does a lift for the exam so please do watch that video that video will give you the guidelines and why and when you should do what to do and what not to do in that particular thirty days so go and was that video the video will give you the proper guidance regarding that and also we have made videos on IOCL recruitment and when GC recruitment for crack PG 2019 and if you haven’t watched the videos of those two recruitment vehicle at PG 2019 Andy as you are psus parent then definitely was those videos those videos will help you regarding this now let’s talk about the nine important essay topics in constitutional law the first important topic that I am going to tell you is the triple to life ban and Muslim woman rights now this topic is quite important and basically this topic is contemporary issue regarding the Saira Banu judgment and also two ordinances have been promulgated and then also two bills were pending so all those things are going on regarding these mostly moment protection rights so definitely this is a contemporary issue now let’s talk about the second topic the second topic would be evolution of right to privacy now case put a semi case is very important and I hope you have already read the case or at the summary of the case but the basic topic that you are going to prepare for this particular case for the semi case that is evolution of right to privacy how the privacy definition has been evolved through the time and also how the privacy has been acknowledged as fundamental right that evolution that you need to discuss under this particular topic now let’s talk about a third topic that you are going to definitely practice there is right to region with suman’s right this particular topic has been generated from Young Lawyers Association case basically the Sabarimala temple case so it is not directly severy mother temple case that that they might ask but they can ask related to this so this topic will you to cover all the related topics right to religion versus women’s right how the religion is in conflict with women right that you are going to discuss so definitely go and practice on that particular topic else also now let’s talk about the fourth topic that is reservation policy of India now reservation policy of India is one of the contemporary issues that’s quite important for your class PG 2019 for so many reasons and the first is EWS reservation that you already know it and also is because Journal Singh was Laxmi Narayan Gupta this case you definitely you are going to read that case this case might be the reservation in promotion case and it is of 2018 here so definitely eat that case and reservation policy of India you are going to also read on that particular aspect now let’s talk about the fifth topic now fifth topic is attached to one case that is Swapnil third party case I hope you know there is a judgment on video conferencing live video conferences of the cases in that regard this particular topic can be asked that is the transparency of the judiciary okay and transparency or the Independence of the judiciary so basically you can practice this particular topic transparency of judiciary or independence of judiciary this particular Swapnil through party case you need to definitely deal on and also you can write other many aspect how the transparency of judiciary can be better or also the independence of judiciary the accountability part is also attached to this concept so it is quite wider concept go practice in this particular topic now let’s talk about the sixth important topic that is a GST that I don’t need to tell you anything about the GST because as you will know after its launch GST is now quite a burning topic for so many reasons so you can definitely practice on GST as 100 first constitutional amendment Act because none of this they might ask you is just a failure or something like that or is GST a greater health in both the aspect you are going to practice and also GST in a neutral sense that you are going to write what are the features and what is Cesc I GST in all those aspect that you are going to definitely read so GST as it is really important and burning and contemporary issue for you now let’s talk about the next three topics that those are not contemporary in nature but definitely those are evergreen issue in Constitution that I can say so let’s talk about the three important and evergreen burning topic the first is judicial review in India so I don’t need to tell a lot of things about judicial review this is judicial review as you people know this power of judiciary is absolutely important for independence of judiciary and the democracy also so judicial review in India that you need to practice on you need to prepare and must have a good knowledge on judicial review in India now next important topic is surrogacy under framework of Indian Constitution why we have I put this topic under this nine important topic is because surrogacy was quite under conflict for so many years and there is no particular solution has been coming through so this topic can be asked and for a lot of guidelines bills pending bills so this topic can also be a great source of writing and you can write lot of things under this particular surrogacy under the framework of Indian Constitution in England you can give your own output also so this topic is also important now let’s talk about the ninth important and the last one that is uniform civil holds so a uniform Civil Code though it’s very easy topic you don’t need to read it you already know this thing why so many people they are thinking about it is long overdue it might come into existence one day some people they are against uniform Civil Code so there are lot of things lot of conflict you can say regarding uniform Civil Code but nonetheless it’s a topic to discuss in a topic to write so definitely it’s a topic that you must have knowledge on for crack PG 2019 so these are the nine topics that we want you to must have some knowledge so that you can write and definitely practice on these topics so these are the topics nine topics hope you liked the video give it a thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe the channel now as you people know we are providing clad PG courses and Noctis so definitely if you want any help from us all the links are given below regarding plat PG relation builder program if you haven’t sign up for it can we go and sign up it’s a free builder program preparation builder program so that’ll help you for the previous question Drupal analysis decoding the choose prudence this book 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