5 Academic Goals YOU Can Have for 2018

hello guys and welcome back to unjaded Jade so this is the first video that I’m filming since being back from Austria I got back from skiing yesterday with all my Dutch family and that is why I literally waited nothing because I just had mountain Wi-Fi for a week yeah now I’m back and I had a really great time I feel quite like refreshed I didn’t do much good work but you know we can ignore that but yeah today I thought I would talk about five academic goals that you might want to have for 2018 I am literally so into goal-setting and I feel like because I said so many like goals for myself for 2017 that is what made this year like the best year ever so yeah I thought I would just kind of hone in on some academic goals that you can set yourself if you’re stuck for what to set or if you weren’t planning on having any goals because trust me I think you should they just kind of give you some direction they hold you accountable for staff and I think just the act of setting them and putting pen to paper it’s sort of like I don’t know setting up your mind for a good year so yeah okay so first thing I want you to really quickly have a think be super honest with yourself and basically answer the question which subject do you struggle the most with or which subject are you do worsen or struggling to get good grades in or feel a bit hopeless in that subject and if you don’t have one just pick one that you know you want to do better in then in 2018 set yourself the goal to donate some time every single week to that subject so for me last year and 2017 chemistry I mean I had a bit the hokies teacher I’m not gonna lie to you and yeah it wasn’t doing too well so for 2017 my goal was that I was going to donate just a bit more time to general chemistry revision so pick a day for example Monday and on Mondays you were going to get up 40 minutes earlier and you’re gonna do half an hour for that subject just going over flashcards going over random stuff basically just allowing yourself some extra time to revise and go over that subject it’s very easy to say we want to do well in all subjects and it’s very easy to say oh yeah like later on in the year I’ll step up in that subject and I’ll do well but thing is that it’s not realistic and that’s not gonna happen unless you put in the groundwork as you go so make it your goal this 2018 to spend some more time per week on that subject okay so academic goal number to really monitor the work that you are doing so homework x2 reading whatever monitor it and the way you can do that is by having like a good planner so I recently got one this year which i think is from like dear diary column or something and it has like weekly trackers and stuff and it has like daily like to-do lists and priority lists and things like that but doing well is partly about planning ahead with your work keeping on top of the things that you need to get done and also about making lists and prioritizing things so yeah for 2018 get more organized and all top things okay number three I think that you should make it an academic goal to try out as many revision techniques as you can in the coming first few months and that’s because right now it’s not like exam season go time revision that it’s not that yet but it will be soon this is the time of year that you need to be trying out different things and seeing what works for you so if you’re not a flashcard person like I wasn’t 40 CSC maybe try some flashcards okay I wish I had known how to make good flash cards for GCSE because my revision back then was just very different and more like scattered I think and but for a level you kind of like more force to get organized which is why do flashcards now so yeah just try out different things see what works see what doesn’t and along with monitoring what you’re doing you can monitor how you find each way of like we rising and the styles of revision so yeah for different end of chapter tests give it a go I do think being more open to different styles of revision is something that’s quite important because you might be missing out on something that really works if you like the way your brain works and you realize it so yeah number four this is if you’re not already doing this but make sure especially at a level not so much GCSE but definitely a level that after every lesson at least by the end of the week you have made your flashcards or your vision mind maps or whatever kind of revision resource you use make sure you have made that for all the lessons you’ve had that week by the end of the week so for science I always try and do it by the end of the day that I’ve had that lesson because I’ve always it just like creeps up on you and especially a trail of will you have freeze so use them and then when you have an end of chapter test you have like exam season blah blah blah you have your revision resource it’s ready to go you don’t have to waste time by like sitting there like writing flashcards and summarizing Stafford it’s just yeah you need to do it now so yeah if you know you are one of those types of people that does leave it and just pushes it away and says oh yeah I’ll do it the Easter holiday I’ll do it in the Christmas holiday make it your goal for 2018 to actually sit down and do notes and do it then because it will cream up with you otherwise and my final academic goal for 2018 is all about your mindset and positive mindset I really really want to stress to you that you should aim high always I mean a teacher might set you like a target grade of a B okay and I don’t want you to accept that B is the highest thing that you were capable of I want you to think right okay so B that is you know amazing I want to get that but with hard work you could probably get it you know I mean you are capable of that I mean I believe that the true key – success is self motivation and whatever you want to get you can achieve it if you work super hard and you know what religion works for you and you do put the time in all those sorts of things and yeah you can achieve what you want to but you have to want that so yeah now you’re gonna have a great 2018 academically clearly I really want to do some more videos on goal setting because I am just all for setting goals whether they are like work-related like school related personal goals health goals all those things so I come with on board like today yeah I hope you liked this I hope you found it useful and if you’re already doing all those things then congrats to you and you should probably set some like more specific goals so for example I’m setting quite specific things to me like for maths doing a certain number of the like review exercises per week just to like refresh and get good at it again those sorts of things thank you so much for watching and I hope you had a lovely Christmas I hope you’re gonna have an amazing 2018 and if you go into it with the mindset that you are then you likely will yeah thank you so much for watching and bye